December 8, 2007


Sarah here and this cute lil naughty girl loves to have lots of older men wrapped around my finger.. I loooove teasing men and snagging a sugar daddy has always cum easy for me.. What can I say all I have to do is bend over and let you sneek a peek at my cute little thong under my skirt, or lean over in front of you and let you look down my loose shirt and see my perky titties, or sit across from you and let you look between my legs and see my wet spot on my cotton panties.. I know I'm like sooooo bad! * giggles*

You are gonna love me whether its licking my ass, sniffing the sweet scent on my little panties, or playing with my hot pussy.. We are gonna have sooooooo much fun together, and I love to be covered in your gooey oooey cum.. I’m a no taboo naughty girl, so anything goes.. Cum on jerk off for sluttysarah.. Somethings I like to roleplay are.. Teasing teen, naughty babysitter, teacher-student, naughty step-daughter, hitchhiker, playmate princess, and the list goes on... Some things I can't even mention because they are so naughty.

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Slutty Sarah

November 17, 2007

Hey Baby I'm New Here and Up for a Good Time! Are You?

Hey there, I'm Gabriella but you can call me Gabby for short. I just love being a sexy and seductive vixen who is ready to show you such a good time. I really love it when a guy takes his time to explore and enjoy every inch of my scrumptious body. Go ahead, tell me what you would do with me and then listen to me tremble and moan while I play with myself while listening to that hot, smooth voice of yours.
And then it is my turn. I tell you exactly what I would do if I were there with you. Just imagine me there in front of you with something very sexy but not too revealing. I walk up to you and press my body against yours. I then take my hands and run them up and down your body. I unbutton your shirt and push it off your shoulders so it drops to the floor. I then gradually move down to my knees where I unbuckle, unbutton and then unzip your pants. I pull your pants and and underwear down exposing that glorious cock of yours right in front of my face. I can't help but to take it in my hands and then put it right in my mouth. Then I lick and suck you all the way down to those balls. I love oral sex! And by the way... I do swallow.

I just love being naughty. And believe me, nothing is too wild and crazy for me! I love to explore all fetishes. And I always like to play with my sexy toys while on the phone. So now don't by shy -- I know how to take control and make sure we both have a great time. I can be that soft, sweet and nurturing, or I be that kinky woman who just cannot get enough. Let's share our thoughts and bodies together. I am waiting on you baby. So give me a call at (888) 745-0842. But remember... you must be 18 years or older.

Kisses... Gabby

November 14, 2007

My husband went a business trip last week and for the very first time invited me to come along with him. He took me to a place in the Virgin Islands he travels frequently. We always talked about bringing another person into our bed, imagined scenarios where we would take turns sucking a big dick together and having the 3 of us in all different positions, enjoying each others' bodies. Of course he wanted to bring another girl in, but I wanted to have another man. Little did I know my husband had a surprise for me our first night there.

We were supposed to have dinner in a quiet cafe on the beach. I had just finished getting dressed in a snug, form fitting beautiful black and gold sequined strapless mini dress, with a pair of tiny gold sandals with ankle straps. I was so looking forward to having a nice quiet evening with my husband. A loud knock on the door startled me. My husband ran to answer the door. It was an extremely tall beautiful blonde woman who was now kissing my husband. He was happy to announce he arranged for us to have that fantasy we talked about, she could give us both what we wanted. Well at first I was in total shock, but after checking her out, I realized she was quite stunning. Just then he whispered in my ear "she has a huge cock for you my dear." I had heard about shemales, but never dreamed I would actually have sex with one and my husband together at the same time. She was dressed in a low cut button down white blouse and very tight short skirt, thigh high stockings and sexy sling back black pumps. After a few drinks and a little smoke I was ready to explore something new something so erotic.

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November 8, 2007

Come Play with Both of Us...

I just had a very hot call! One of my favorite callers wanted to play with me and another girl in the company. So we called my friend Mary Beth, and she was to play my best friend's mom for our call. So the fantasy was that Mary Beth was going to teach me how to masturbate while her husband (my caller) watched.

So I am staying at my best friend's for the weekend but she fell asleep watching tv in the living room. I am in her room with the door closed, laying in the bed rubbing on my pussy through my soaked panties. My other hand is lightly pulling on my pink swollen nipples. Laying on my stomach is a vibrator I "borrowed" from my best friend's mom's lingerie drawer. I haven't used it yet, but am very excited about trying it.

Suddenly the door swings wide open and my best friend's mom, Mary Beth is standing at the door staring at me. I jump, trying to hide what I am doing, but with no luck, she has already seen everything. Her husband is standing behind her with a huge grin on his face, just staring at me and licking his lips.

She walks in, looking mildly amused and a little irritated at the same time. "I see you have been in my personal belongings Abby, you know it isn't nice to borrow other's belongings without asking?" She picks up the vibrator off of my stomach as she looks down at me. Her husband walks in and sits in the chair in the corner of my best friend's room still grinning.

She takes the vibrator and lightly trails it across the outside of my panties, turning it on and looking in to my eyes as she does so. Then she moves the vibrator up my tummy real slowly, tickling me as she moves it up to my right nipple. The tickling from the vibration sends shock waves through my pussy. She then takes the vibrator and puts it against my lips and in a firm voice tells me to open my mouth, she slides it in my mouth and tells me to suck it.

As I do what she says, I look over her shoulder at her husband, who has now pulled his cock out and is staring at me while he is jacking off.

She pulls the vibrator out of my mouth and moves it back down to my panties, this time pushing my panties aside and moving the tip of the vibrator up and down my wet pussy lips, slowly.....

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November 2, 2007

Kinky Mature Woman Seeks Man for Great Phone Sex Roleplay!

Attention all horny men! I’m Beverly the kinky mature woman you've been searching for. I’m sensual, sexy, hot and always horny, ready and willing to play with you. Call me to share your secret erotic fantasies - I'm that sexy MILF that you've always lusted after.

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October 21, 2007


I want to play with your cock. I want to get you sooo fucking hard that you explode. I want to make you cum harder than you thought possible. Maybe start out with some rubbing. Then teasing and kissing you. Then find my way to your delicious hard cock. Trail my tongue up and down your shaft a few times MMMmm... Lick your heavy cum-filled balls. Tease the tip of your cock with my tongue and just twirl my tongue around it. Stroke you a little while I climb on top and get ready to ride...

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October 19, 2007

Just another day...?

It was a day like any other day in sunny Southern California ~ scintillating crystal blue skies, curvaceous billowy clouds and sparkling white-foamed surf lapping gently against the fleshy-colored sand just outside my huge window... How I longed to stay home and enjoy the decadent physical pleasures I so needed in this place heaven-designed setting. As I pulled out of my driveway and screamed my convertible into PCH's traffic I was quickly reminded of how insane my day would be. First a stop at Starbuck's where I'd have to show a little cleavage to that horny pimple-faced kid just to get my Latte right, then a stop-n-start and very frustrating commute ~ but I knew just what to do to 'get ahead' in this traffic ~ LOL insert my red-devil dildo strategically between my legs and gyrate, just a little, with that look of mounting ecstasy ~ the big guys in their Hummers and 4-bys always 'gave it' to me then... Mmmm... access that is! Giggle Just as I was licking my lips at that studly hunk in the black Beemer reality crashed in! He was beginning to slide it in so carefully, expertly and slowly ~ but it was not to be ~ just as he was spreading that tight-fitting enticing opening it closed tighter than a virgin and his pride 'n joy crumpled and went limp ~ that 'moments ago' gorgeous hunk of steel was rendered useless! Thank god it wasn't my tight little rosey baby ~ with her custom paint, huge price tag and tight lines!

Minutes later that pathetic-loser-guy 'forgotten' (after all I would never 'do' let alone be seen with a guy in a rental car!) I gripped my soft, talented hands over the leather straps one more time and slid expertly into my 'space' Paloma - VP Marketing... Everytime I saw that parking garage sign my smile beemed and I got all warm and tingly feeling ~ way down inside... Mmmmm! Who would it be today? Which horny swollen-cocked guy would peek my interest and grow my clit 'til I could resist no more??

OK, Paloma, stop day-dreaming I thought as I bent over ~ exposing my luscious butt-line barely caressed by my French-silk baby pink thong, straight into my Jag's open body ~ just in time to be seen by the Mark our new CEO... he stammered, "Uh oh good morning Paloma ~ uh er how are you and may I assist you in any way??" A throaty chuckle escaped as I pressed my bulging briefcase crammed full of the proposals and marketing plans I'd 'done' a week before deadline. I knew he'd be so very appreciative that I'd again given him a hand on his very hard job and that I would once again relieve him of his very heavy load!

Stepping off the mirrored private elevator minutes later, we broke our passionate 'afterglow' kiss ~ nearing the top floor - I quickly straightened Mark's Armani tie, feeling for his secure zipper and adjusted my tight Versace electric-blue dress ~ I couldn't help but giggle and clear a deep-throated swallow... Mmmm those scintillating crystal blue skies, curvaceous billowy clouds which came into view once again through the 'executive promenade' were so worth it ~ Oops, I had only a stolen moment to dash into the my luxurious corner office and taste the white foam escaping my sweet lips... Mmmmm... just the beginning of a perfect day in sunny California!

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October 15, 2007

Mature Phone Sex with Hot Milf Cindy

Hey guys I'm Cindy.. I'm feeling so horny today. My hot mature pussy is so wet and eager for you to take your cock and rub my clit with it. You would love to be cuddled and fucked by this hot older gal. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy lips sliding it up and down, flick that tongue all over my clit baby, ohhhh! You know how much I love that -- yeaaa further down... There you've you got it! Now go and lick my perfect asshole and stick your tongue in there Mmmm. Slide some fingers in that mature pussy and suck on my swollen clit, and make this hot milf cum baby. Suck my juices, taste me..I just love oral sex! Let me lick your balls and suck on them and get that cock nice and hard for you. I'll lick my way up to your cock head and I'll suck it into my mouth. Listen to me suck my dildo while you play with your cock at the other end of the phone.

Come and tell whats on your mind and that hard throbbing cum-filled cock. Tell me your dirty secrets. I promise you that your cock will explode! My favorite blue silky panties are missing. Are you wearing them?? Come here... you naughty boy. Pull your pants down and let me see. You have been naughty again. Do you know what happens to naughty boys like you? Well your going to have to call me and find out what happens to naughty boys who sneak into my panty drawer or maybe your even naughtier and get my dirty ones out of the hamper and play with them. Call me don't keep me waiting.

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October 6, 2007

Honky Tonk Slut!!

Last night at work we had a new band come in. I love music almost as much as I love sexy hot men. So I am doing my usual bar tending and I see the new band come in to set up and there is this hot cowboy toting in equipment. I can feel my pussy getting wet just watching him from across the room.

By time they were all set up and ready to play I was damn near ready to cream my panties. I was glad that the tables near the band were full of people so I kept having a reason to run over there to check if they wanted more drinks when the waitress would get behind.

They started playing, and the hot guy I had been watching was the guitar player and backup singer. He was dancing while he was playing and he looked so damn sexy doing it, before long my pussy was on fire. I took a break and headed out on the dance floor in my skin tight short skirt and see-through tank top with no bra. He was at the very edge of the stage and I bent over in front of him and was wiggling my ass and before long he came down for a minute to grind against my ass and dance while they were singing.

I flirted with him the entire night, and I could see he was as turned on as I was based on that nice bulge in the front of his Levi's.

At the end of the night he had just finished loading all of the equipment back in the truck and was standing outside drinking a beer with his band and I walked over and grabbed his hand and told him and his friends that he was coming home with me tonight. We never made it out of the parking lot before my hand was pulling his cock out of his pants while I was trying to drive. I stroked it all the way home and as soon as I pulled up in the drive way I leaned over and sucked him off right there. We did finally make it in the house, and fucked 3 times before it was time for him to get to his morning job. Come to find out they will be playing at my bar again in 2 weeks, and I can guarantee you this cowboy is worth bringing home again!

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October 3, 2007

Call this bad girl and see why they call me Slutty Sarah!

Hi, I’m Slutty Sarah and I’m a phone slut! That’s right! I’m one of those girls who has a dirty little mind, and I love to share my naughty thoughts with dirty minded men like you. I love phone sex, and you’ll love having phone sex with a horny teen like me!

I’ve been such a bad girl lately, and I know I deserve a spanking. I’ll just wiggle out of my cotton panties and lay across your lap so you can teach me a lesson for being so bad. Don’t be surprised if my little pussy gets wet when you’re spanking me though *giggles*

I love having a hard, throbbing cock in my ass just as much as I like having it in my pussy. So pick up the phone and fuck me! I’ve got my toys right here and ready!

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Kisses... Sarah

September 30, 2007

An Exciting Swing Event...

My husband and I have been married for 7 years, so there's almost nothing we haven't shared. We've been to a few swing parties, but usually we wind up getting turned on and coming home to fuck. Something about all those strangers gets me hot, but I'd always stopped short of participating on premises, shall we say. Well, all that changed last weekend.

After RSVPing to a new monthly bisexual swing event, I was horny all week just thinking about it. We couldn't keep our hands off each other those few nights, I swear! But nothing prepared me for what the actual party would be like! The place was gorgeous and well furnished and the other couples were all fit and great looking. You can't even imagine how shocked we were when one of the guys started sucking another guy's cock! We'd never seen anything like that at the other swing parties we'd been to!

I kept rubbing my ass against my husband's cock, whispering over my shoulder to him how hot the cocksucking was making me. There was a patio just off the living room, so he led me out there. I was thinking maybe this would be our first time to really be a part of the party. We were that hot and then some! He slowly undressed me and people started watching us. I was so turned on! He pushed my panties down my thighs and started playing with my clit. I was so wet. I wanted his cock inside me!

But while he kept fingering me, one of the women from inside came out onto the patio to join us. She knelt down and nuzzled her face into my pussy, her tongue replacing Cliff's fingers. Soon she was lapping away at my clit while he played with my nipples. And I was cumming and cumming, drenching this stranger's face with my juices. After my husband fucked me silly against the sliding glass door - which must've given everyone QUITE a show! - I returned the favor to lovely Jill. We'll be going back to that party next month, for sure! If you would like to hear more about my naughty affairs then give me a call at (877)564-7140 or CLICK HERE to visit my personal site.



September 28, 2007


Heather here, I'll be around all day and night for your big cock, little cock or any kind in between.. I'm so ready for some hot fucking wild phone sex.. I'm so incredibly horny to.. I had my 1st call this morning and MMMMmm it was a yummmy one!


I picked up the phone, Hello this is Heather I said, he said this is Mr Lover.. OMG I knew I was going to cum cum cum!!! HE ALWAYS MAKES ME CUM!!! He said lay back and enjoy.. and are you naked? Of course I said to him *giggles*

Slowly he replaced his hand with his mouth and soon I had two very erect nipples, Kissing his way down.. He rose and pulled off his shirt and pants and positioned himself between my legs and inserted his tongue between my dripping pussy and swirled it around my already swollen clit..

My pussy juices ooozed onto his chin as his tongue swirled around my pussy, lapping up and down and all over my pussy and ass. I placed my hands to his head as if to hold him there and he reached up to message my breasts. His other hand found its way beside his tongue and he was able to glide first one finger than two inside me.

Working his tongue along the outside and his fingers on the inside I soon began thrusting my hips up against him. The contractions on his fingers seemed to pull him and hold him in place, then waves of pleasure passed over me, and I was cumming and cumming 1-2-3 ahhhh. Soon he paused and I laid on the bed, my legs bent up and spread inviting him in. He got up on top of me and I reached down and guided that raging hard-on into me.

Slowly he pushed until his cock head popped inside me and then the length of his shaft glided to fill me up. Pressed against me he began to glide in and out. His strokes picked up speed. His hips grinding down onto mine. I pulled him over and in an instant I was on top of him moving my hips in time to his.

He said he could feel it build inside him and he grabbed at my ass to hold me in place. But as I came down on his hard length of his cock he could not hold back any longer. He said he was going to cum and we both came together. We were both breathless... MMMmmm Mr.Lover call me anytime baby wowsa!!! What a way to wake up!!

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Kisses and fuck soon!! Heather

September 23, 2007

Worship at My Feet

I want to tell you all about my last encounter with a sissy boy. He begged to come over and honor me last night. I agreed only if he obeyed all the rules. He was on time and with his new panties and camisole. I made him get dressed and parade around for me and a couple of girlfriends. They got a real kick out of this as we all laughed at a 6 foot man in pink panties. When the girls left I told him to go and sit in the corner. He had been watching me all night and could not keep his eyes off the tall black boots I was wearing. They fit snug against my calves and the ornate design leads the eye all the way up my silky thighs. I slowly unzipped each boot and instantly could feel the rush of cool air on my feet. He gasped in the corner and his eyes were pleading with me as he whispered "please Mistress". As I pulled them off my feet, the sheer hose I was wearing was damp and clinging to my arches. I could see my freshly polished toes glistening with sweat. It was more than he could bear and he crawled over to get a closer look. I finally had him just where I wanted him, on his knees. He had been a good boy and I granted him the pleasure of a long sniff. I put one foot against his face. His mouth opened and he inhaled deep and long.....Give me a call 1-888-338-2480 and cum worship at my feet.

September 22, 2007

Fulfilling that naughty fantasy!

I worked in a grocery store. I had been there for five years at that point, and was about ready to resign, having had my fill of working with the public. On my last day, I decided to fulfill a fantasy that I had been dreaming about for two years.

See, each night after the store closes, a crew comes in to restock the shelves and get the store ready for the next day. I went into the back room, put on the outfit I had been dying to wear for two long years and had dreamt up while waiting on a hideous woman with ten billion coupons and all the wrong products.

A few seconds later….wee - roller-skating naked through the frozen food section! Such freedom! It was glorious! And then I grabbed this cute bagger I'd had my eyes on, took him into the milk cooler, fucked his brains out in there…and left that job with a big smile on my face. Wanna hear more stories. Give me a call (877)875-6492


September 20, 2007


Hey all my horny fuckmates! Get your Amy fix now before the weekend.. I'm going on vacation... So fuck me now before I go!!! That way you don't miss me and you can give your cock the attention it soooo needs!!!

I'm always ready for a huge hard cock down my throat or in my sweet tight pussy.. I'll suck and slurp and lick you from your ass all the way up to the head of your cock!!! MMMmmmm... And you know I swallow ;) or you will be my cuckold and you will suck and slurp my juicy cummy pussy clean, you know you like them cream pies hehe..

I'm going away with a bunch of friends guys and girls.. So I'll have lots of dirty stories to tell I'm sure hehe.. so why don't we make a dirty story before I go.. You know you are gonna miss me and I'm going to miss all you guys too.. You guys do take care of me that's for sure *winks*

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September 19, 2007

Are you a cuckold???

Your wife is out all night while your home all alone wondering what man she is fucking tonight. Knowing that which ever man she chooses, he will give it to her like you can never do. His big dick filling up her juicy cunny. Pounding her pussy. Cant you just imagine your wife laying there taking it in every single position he can possibly put her in. I bet your wondering how wet and cum filled her sweet cunny will be when she gets home. Of course when she does, she makes you get down on your knees and smell her & lick every inch of her clean.Wanna share your cuckold fantasy with me? Or let me share some of mine with you. Either way, we will have the best time. Call me when you think your ready.. hehe.. (888)896-7015. Want to see more of me? Then Click Here.


September 13, 2007

A Hot Phone Sex Experience!

So this morning I wake up to a very sexy voice on the other end of my phone. This voice however is whispering, which made him sound even sexier. Apparently my caller was sitting in a chair just feet away from his wife sleeping. I could actually hear her snoring in the background.

He is just like me and loves to masturbate or have sex in places that he could possibly get caught. He tells me that it is pretty dark in the room, but he can see his wife pretty clearly, she has kicked off the covers and he has a fantastic view of her naked ass and back as she sleeps. He has been jerking off for a while now and cant seem to cum just from looking at his wife like he normally can, he needs some extra "stimulation".

So I get comfortable, pull out my trusty vibrator and immediately go to working on making myself feel good as I tell him exactly what I am doing to myself. I can hear his breathing picking up on the other end, even a couple slight moans. This turns me on so much to know he is over there stroking his cock for me while his wife is so close. I put the phone down and let him hear how juicy my pussy is as the vibrator moves in and out of it. I talk to him a bit more and as I start to cum for him he loses it and moans very loudly and I know he is cumming too.

Then all of a sudden I hear a woman's voice. His wife has woke up!! Suddenly I hear a sound as if the phone got dropped, and now the voices are muffled. I hear the woman tell him that he didn't have to be over there masturbating by himself, and I hear her voice getting closer as she says "Mommy is horny this morning too, now what can I do to make that cock of yours get hard for me again?"

The phone must be like on his side in the chair because I can now hear a sucking type noise starting really close to the phone. His wife must be sucking his cock while I get to listen on the other end!

I know I should hang up the phone just in case she happens to see it, but I cant, I have to listen. While I listen I begin playing with myself again. In a matter of minutes she apparently straddled him and was riding him and I got to listen to both of them cum as I was over here cumming myself! I think this was the hottest call I have had in a long time!

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September 10, 2007

Naughty Stepmommy!

I came home earlier last night then I was expected. My stepson's car was in the driveway. I thought he was home alone. I went up to his room to tell him I was back when I heard a girl moan as I started to knock. I noticed the door was ajar slightly so I pushed it open even more. I looked in and saw my stepson licking the sexy girls pussy. She was blond and had a beautiful body. As I watched my pussy started throbbing. I placed my hand down my shorts and parted my pussy lips and rubbed my hard clit. I was already wet as well. I stood there as she came on his face and then moved so she could suck his huge hard cock. As I watched his cock disappear in her mouth my knees grew weak and I fell against the door and it opened. My stepson and his girlfriend both looked up at me. I was standing there with a red face and my hand in my shorts. My stepson smiled and told his girlfriend to continue as he invited me in and asked me to lock the door. He told me to come and sit on the bed next to the girl and he helped me off with my clothes as she leaned over and gently kissed my lips. My whole body started tingling as he removed all of my clothes and pulled my legs open. Then she stopped kissing me and she placed her face in my pussy. She licked and sucked me until I came as my stepson sat next to us and watched as he stroked hid hard cock. As I lay on my back the girl placed her juicy pussy on my face as I felt my stepson's cock enter my cunt. This sent shivers through my body because I knew this was taboo but I just couldn't stop. I licked that tasty pussy and finger fucked her until you juices flowed in my mouth and all over my face. My stepson fucked me hard and fast until I heard him moan and he shot his load in my pussy. He was unembarrassed that he had done that. He didn't intend to cum inside me. I told him that it was OK that I had wanted him to do it as well. We all got dressed and my stepson asked if the three of us could do this again soon. I agreed and asked him not to mention it to his dad when he came home from his trip. I have been playing with my stepson for awhile now. Call me and I'll tell you about it baby! Click Here to get my phone number and read more about me.

September 1, 2007

Hello Potential Slaves,

I'm Mistress Monica the only woman you will ever need. Once you hear my sultry voice, you will obey my commands. I am your destiny, the one that will make all your naughty fantasies true. You will crave my attention and come back for more as I begin your training as my sex slave. You will worship my body from my toes to my luscious lips.

I am into forced feminization, panty boys, sissy sluts, strap on play, guided masturbation and my speciality is hard long spankings.

If you are looking for a sensual dominatrix who does not tolerate disobedience then I am the ONE. I have no taboos and no restrictions. Call me now at 1-888-338-2480.

August 27, 2007

How About A Little Erotic Role Play?

Hello Boys, I’m Chablis, a versatile TS that loves to indulge in sexual roleplays, fantasies & much more. Would you like to try something totally taboo and erotic? Do you like my smoking hot body? I’ll enjoy having my cock sucked off while I deep throat yours. I love rubbing, fucking, fisting, anything nasty! Lets pretend I am that Sexy Hot Mistress you’d love to worship from top to bottom, I also enjoy using toys, restraints , whips, CBT, cock rings, dildos, anything to make the phone sex experience kinky & fun! Spankings are my favorite too! Wanna cum play with me? You can find me “UP” most late evenings - early morning hours. Call me at 1-877-356-9190. Why not role play with a sexy, hot transsexual. When you bring me home you will never know I have a little surprise tucked under my panties. I will get you all hot and horny and have you wanting to taste me? On your knees?. lift up my skirt? Now take down my panties? What do you see? You are surprised but be a good boy now and take it into your mouth and suck me off! 1-877-356-9190. Don’t wait, call me now!

Cum use me Master...

Hello Master.. I want you to control me. You own me, I live only to serve you.. I am an eager little slut who wants to be shown what a fucking whore I am. No matter how mild or extreme you like it.. I am definitely the little subby slut who can take care of your every need... I have my collar on for you Master, my body belongs to you, I'm your submissive slut with 3 holes for you to fuck. That's right sir, you have the choice of any of my holes you wish to fuck.. I love to be a cum dumpster for every guy out there, especially guys who are dominate and can treat me like the slut I am.. I'll be waiting for you Master...

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August 23, 2007

I am laying here in my bed with this huge hard on, and my hand wrapped around it. I just love a good phone fuck in the morning. I know if I hold out long enough I will get my call, and I'll get to cum soon. Well, the phone does ring and my caller just loves lady boys and wants to bend over for me so I can fuck his virgin ass. OMG! Virgin assholes are my fetish and it makes me cum hard right away. He tells me that he is fucking a dildo for the first time and I get hard again as I listen to him moan and fuck the shit out of that toy. I tell him that I am about to shoot a load when he yells that he is cumming as well. We both moan to each other as we squeeze every drop of hot jizz from our cocks. I thanked him for a great call and told him that the pleasure was all mine.

If you are in need of a hard cock in any or all of your holes then I am your girl.

Desiree ;)

August 15, 2007

Stefanie needs an "A" really bad!

I walk in to the class room after school, wondering why my teacher wanted to see me. I hop up on the corner of "teacher's" desk and wait for him to get off the phone. As he hangs up the phone he says "Stefanie you are going to fail my class this semester." My heart falls and my eyes tear up a little bit. I tell him "I cant fail , my parents will absolutely kill me. Can I do some extra credit to make up my grade, please?" He shakes his head no, "It is too late, you should have been putting the effort in during the semester, if you do not get an A on next weeks test you will be failing."

I notice while he is talking to me he is actually looking up my little short skirt while I am sitting on his desk at face level to him. I mean his eyes have not moved, its like he is having a conversation with my vagina. My mind begins to plot..... "Can I come after class tomorrow afternoon and get some extra tutoring?" I ask him sweetly. "Yes I will help you tomorrow Stefanie, but don't waste my time, be ready when you get here to do some serious studying!" He still has not pulled his eyes away from between my legs.

So the next day I walk in to the class room, and I have my best friend Adrianna with me. Me and Adrianna are both wearing matching outfits, short black skirts, thigh highs, tight white blouses and fuck-me heals. Oddly enough Adrianna is also failing the same class as me.
When we walk in my teacher looks a bit irritated. I walk up to him and I put my hand on his chest and push him back in his chair. "What are you two doing?" He demands. We don't answer him, but we both stand with our backs turned towards him, we look at each other and wink, bend way over and wiggle out of our panties together, giving him a view of both of our pretty little pussy's as we pull our panties down. We turn back towards him, his mouth has dropped open, and I notice he has a huge bulge in his pants. We stuff our panties in his mouth, then I look at him seriously and answer his question. "We are here to earn an A in your class, I just know you can think of something that we can both do to earn A's, right? "

With a shocked look on his face all he can do is slowly nod yes.

Would you like to be my teacher? Lets close and lock the door and come up with something totally naughty for me to do to earn my A! Lets start by you calling me, and finish with us both cumming extra hard! Here's my number: (888) 836-9755.

August 13, 2007

I got a very erotic email from a very sexy man. Enjoy.

My cock is so hard and longing to feel the warm, wet sleeve of your cunt squeezing and milking the cum out of it. I want to have you on all fours, with your ass at the edge of my tall bed. I could sit in a chair and look at your smooth, strong thighs, pretty puckered asshole, and moistening, pink pussy lips. Watch them start to come alive in anticipation of the pleasure they're about to receive. See your hard clit start to peek out and become exposed. Admire your full tits softly swaying as you start to gently undulate your body. When I couldn't stand it any longer, I'd want to get close to the source of that sweet, musky smell that is starting to fill the room. Softly kiss your thighs while my hands rub your feet and calves. Lick and nip at your smooth inner thighs, working my way slowly up to your now soaked cunt and waiting asshole. And then when I was at the target of my passion, I would put my lips, tongue and fingers to work. My fingers would tease, rub and probe what my mouth wasn't. After you had at least two soul-searing orgasms, I'd insert a small vibrator, lathered with baby oil (as I'd always would be sure never to hurt you), into your waiting anus. Standing now behind you, I'd rub my pre-cum oozing dick between your dripping cunt lips. Slowly up and down, from your clit, past your vagina, over your taint, up to your vibrator-filled asshole. And back down again to your love button. Up and down slowly, 'til on one pass I'd ease my plum into your cunt. I'd just watch the head disappear. Then pull it out quickly to hear that wet popping noise. Your pussy would be extra tight because of the vibrator turned on in your asshole. I'd ease my purple Nazi helmet back into your waiting walls and ask you to start to rock back and forth. My cock would pump deeply in and out of your pussy, you controlling the pace, as I took in the fabulous lust before me. Your asshole grasping that vibrator while your cunt lips massaged and slickened my engorged shaft. My finger tips would lightly tickle your sides, from your armpits to your hips. And steal away to feel the heft of your hanging tits and pinch and pull your nipples. And when I just couldn't hold back any longer, I'd hold your hips and fuck you hard and fast until I overflowed your hole with a hot, milky, massive load of my cum. Sent exploding into you from my nuts by my spasming prostate. I'd let my dick soften and be pushed out by the tightness of your pussy. I'd remove the vibrator from your ass, and you would turn around and lick the sweat, cum and cunt juice from my hanging cock and balls. And when you were done, I'd pull you up into a kneeling position and give you long passionate kisses. Our chests would be pressed together and we could feel that closeness that only lovers feel when their hearts are so close together. And gradually we would collapse into a spoon position and fall asleep. Dream of many more sessions like that and a fulfilling life together.


Call me if you want to hear more of our naughty adventures. (888) 250-4895. Betty

August 10, 2007

I Don't Even Know His Name...

It was a warm summers night, and I was working the bar and it was getting close to closing time. As I made the preparations to close up, I noticed a gorgeous hunk walking out of the men's room. He sat down at a table across the room and just looked at me with those hungry eyes. He watched everything I did as I shut off the lights and locked the door. I knew what this man wanted, and I was about to give it to him.

I bent over to pick up something off the floor and my shirt hiked up and showed him a peak of my smooth shaved pussy. I looked back and I could see a bulge forming in his jeans. I turned around and licked my lips as he rubbed his swollen crotch.

I climbed atop the pool table and spread my legs wide and started playing with my already wet cunt as he walked closer. He thrust his sexy face deep in my soaking wet cunt and lapped up every bit of my juices. He began fingering me as his tongue flicked and licked my swollen clit. I moaned as I started to tense up and cum all over his face and fingers. I pulled his face away and placed his fingers in my mouth. I licked off every luscious drop of my pussy juice as I unzipped his jeans and out popped a huge hard cock. He slid his hands underneath me and picked me up and brought me to him and slid my pussy right onto his hard cock. I put my head back as it sent shivers through my body as he probed deep inside me. He moved me up and down over his hard manhood until we both exploded together. I could feel his hot juices filling my cunt. He kissed me and thanked me for the great fuck and got dressed. He walked over to the door and unlocked it and walked out.

I never asked the sexy hunk his name. But I bet he will have to come back for some good old southern slut pussy sometime soon.



I've Got A Secret to Tell

I have always had a crush on my step dad, he is so hot! Eventhough I can tell he watches me a lot, I have never had the opportunity to approach him and tell him I want to fuck him.
So instead I live out all of my daddy fantasies with many of my callers. I love talking to older guys especially. They know how to make my tight little pussy cream the best.

I love it when daddy has me climb up in his lap in my little nightie and pretty panties with the little butterflies on them. Daddy thinks I am innocent, that I don't know that me wiggling in his lap is making his cock grow even bigger. I giggle innocently as I purposely wiggle against him again. Leaning in to kiss daddy on his lips so sweetly, my little hands resting lightly on his chest. Daddy always makes me feel so safe.

When daddy pulls his cock out of his pj's and rubs it against the outside of my little panties, I pretend like I am confused and don't know what he is about to do. However the truth is I watch him and mommy have sex all the time when they don't know it, and my little pussy is getting creamy at just the thought of daddy fucking me like he does mommy.

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July 31, 2007

For all you little nubs...

Well!!! Here you are again. Cruising the net trying to find someone to help you get off. I know the only reason you are checking me out is because I'm the closest you are going to get to being laid.. You know as well as I do that no self-respecting woman will be able to keep a straight face when she sees that pencil dick blowing in the breeze..HAHA!

The fact that you have made it to the second paragraph shows you are a pathetic little worm. Any real man would have moved on by now. But not you and your little nub. Oh I know you play with it, all the time hoping that you can stretch it? NOT A CHANCE!

What the hell would I or any woman do with that? Ewww... The only thing you will be doing is eating the cum out of my sweet beautiful pussy you worm! Don't look disgusted its not the first time you ate cum... You do lick up yours and lick your fingers clean after you jerk off that little slim jim HAHA!

And if your a good boy, my strap-on is just aching for a slutty sissy boy like you. But first your going to put those cock sucking lips of yours around my BIG strapon. That's it you cock slut get it all wet and slippery because I'm gonna fuck that little back door cunt of yours until you scream!!! And then I'm calling all my friends over and let them have there way with you too!
Dont worry your not completely useless. You are my new clean up boy and crap catcher, suck it up. ALL OF IT!!! Only a real man knows how to satisfy a wild ass bitch like me. And it's sure not you!

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July 27, 2007

Hi this is Nikki again.... so many horny men. I love all your calls. Some have been NASTY NASTY NASTY. A recent caller worshiped my ass !!! He spread my cheeks and licked then he dug riight in. Yes what a man. he liked putting his hardened tongue in my ass and told me that my ass was the best. Thank you baby !X!X!. Well I told you how I want to be a massage therapist.... and after work I will be going to a conference. When I get back, I want to practice all the new manuevers I learn. I think I will be really good at caressing HARD COCKS. I can never get enough hard cock. I bet I can teach the others at the convention how to massage with my LIPS ( giggle) You guys have really taught me the art of cock and ball massage. So I'll be back Sunday or Monday I'll be eager to try out some new stuff. So Call me at 1-877-870-2960 and we can get kinky together !!!!! Check me out at leave an e-mail at nikki@angelcommunications I'll respond when i get back.

LUV YA !!!!

July 23, 2007

Hot, Naughty and Nasty Phone Session...

One of my son's friends came over for a good fucking last night as I was on the phone with one of my regular callers. Let's just say my caller got his money worth last night. I told my caller that I had company over and he was horny too. My caller asked if I would fuck this young stud while he listened. I told him that I will put on the speakerphone and we'll get right to it just for him. My hot young lover undressed me quickly and started sucking my already erect nipples. I moaned as he moved his way down to my pussy. I spread my legs wide and I held the phone close to my pussy so my caller could hear me getting licked. Once I came hard my hot young stood stood up and put his hard rod in my mouth and fucked my face until he shot his white creamy load all over my face and tits. I could hear my caller moaning and jacking off furiously over the speakerphone. He asked if my hot young stud would fuck my dripping wet cunt as he listened. Of course my stud agreed. I held the phone close so he could her every slap of that boys balls against my clit and my loud moans with every thrust. I must have came 3 or 4 times as he fucked me. My hard young stud was getting ready to cum again and I could hear my caller screaming my name as he exploded. My caller told me that he shot his spunk clear across the room. My boy toy filled my juicy cunt with his cum as well. After we all caught our breath I spoke to my caller and asked him if he thought he got his money's worth tonight. He said that he sure as hell did and that he will call back for a repeat performance real soon. My spent young hunk got dressed and asked if he could be the one I fuck during the call again. I told him that of course he could but maybe next time he could bring a friend along too. Needless to say I know that boy will be back with a friend very soon. LOL


July 20, 2007

The Sweet Taste of Pussy!

My sexy best friend Carly dropped in for an extended visit this morning. She is staying with me and in my bed of course for about a month. The moment I answered the door my jaw dropped and and my pussy started throbbing as I pulled her in and shut the door. We kissed and fell to the floor. We were lost in our passion as we kissed and licked each other from head to toe. After we made each cum many times, we got dressed and caught up on things. She told me that she is going to work while she is visiting. Oh yeah! Did I forget to mention that we are both phone sex operators and that she wants to do 2 girl calls like the old days. We love working on those 2 girl calls together as we lick and kiss every inch of our sexy bodies and tell you all of the naughty details. You can listen as I lap up her sweet juices on her pretty pink pussy. And be sure to ask up about our toys. We never miss an opportunity to play with them as well. And just imagine the 2 of us working on that thick rod of yours or fucking one of us a the other one eats out her delicious pussy. We are bi-sexual of course and we just love sharing our hard hunks. So give us a call and you'll get double the fun double the pleasure. It is just $3.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum to play with us! But, you do have to 18 or older! You can call me at 1-866-394-3620 or Carly at 1-866-385-5371. Both numbers ring right to my bedroom. We except Visa/MC/Amex/Discover and it is discretely billed. Call us baby! Your cock will love you for it! If you book a 20 minute call we will email you some of our naughty photos too!

July 18, 2007

I never realized just what a slut I was until today. I was shopping as I normally do on Tuesdays and I found this cute little outfit and had decided to try it on. Short mini skirt, skin tight top, and some 5 inch fuck me heels. I had just slipped it on and walked to the big viewing mirror when I noticed this guy watching me. He was looking so hard I swear I could feel the heat from his dick. I smiled and went back in to change when the door suddenly sung open and there he was standing there cock in hand and ordering me to fuck. I was stunned, but didn’t resist. He grabbed my leg and pushed it up over his shoulder and with one swift move he was deep inside my cunt. He fucked that cock up into me so hard I was cumming on his third stroke in. He shot his load, zipped his pants and he was gone as quick as he came. I am a whore. And by the way... I didn’t buy the outfit. It had a huge cum stain on it hehehe....

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Fucks and Sucks,
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July 17, 2007


Hey everyone, I'm Lisa your hot little spunk junkie. I have always loved the taste of thick creamy cum. I guess you can say I have a "cum" addiction hehe... Grab me by my hair and tell me to suck your cock just the way you like it.. nice and deep. I'll take my tongue and lick your cock all over, bobbing my head up and down, side to side, going faster and faster until you explode right into my mouth. I'll take every inch of your meat, I may gag but don't stop. Call me all of those nasty names your to scared to call your wife or girl friend. Being called a cum sucking slut makes me cream my panties.

I have a huge appetite for hard throbbing cum filled cocks! I can never seem to get enough of that delicious throbbing piece of man meat in my mouth! I'll do whatever it takes to get the cum to explode out of your balls! Blow jobs are my favorite. I love getting big mouthfuls of hot creamy spunk.

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July 16, 2007

Call Me To Get Your Taste...

My name is Sherri, and I am one hot an horny bitch. I can't get enough of all you hot hard and naughty young hunks. I get all creamy when I think about sitting on your thick hard cock and my huge titties bouncing in your face. But, I like to fuck doggie style must of all. I like to bend over and pull open my ass cheeks and show you my little pink pussy and my tight asshole. It is your choice which hole you want to fill with that stiff cock. But, if you leave the choice up to me I want you to fuck my tight little asshole. Once I cum and you are ready to shoot your load I want to move around and taste my dirty hole on your dick as you fill my hungry mouth with hot sticky jizz. Then I'll kiss you and stick my tongue covered in your cum deep in your mouth so you can get a good taste of your cum and the taste of my dirty ass. I have no inhibitions so you can have me anyway you choose. But, you have to call me to your taste of me baby! CLICK HERE to fine out how to contact me.

July 14, 2007

Double your fun, double your pleasure???

If one younger lover is good then two must be awesome right? I have been thinking about a special phone sex role play today that involves two of you. Yes two young studs that I am going to seduce at the same time.

Mature women know what we want sexually and we do not hesitate to go after it. So when I see you and your friend hanging out at the mall this afternoon I get that hot wet tingle in my cunt. And I decide that I want both of you.

Catching your attention is no problem. I just walk by nice and slow and let your eyes all but undress me. I lick my lips and look back at you and then sit down on the bench and let my long legs part just enough that you can peek under my skirt. Those instant erections I see in your shorts excite me so much it takes all of my will power not to fuck you right then and there. But I know that slow and sexy is the way to seduce two young studs like you.

I stand up and bend over to pick up my packages and give you another underskirt peek. Then I take my personal card out of my purse and write on the back “follow me home for the fuck of your dreams boys” before handing it to you and smiling. As I stroll away I feel your gaze on my tight ass and I know that in a few minutes you will drive up behind me and walk through my front door and find out how fucking hot it is to let a mature horny babe like me teach you some two on one live phone sex action.

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Horny for you,

July 8, 2007

If I Tell You My Fantasy, Will You Tell Me Your's?

So what’s your fantasy? I want be your naughty teen babysitter! Here’s my fantasy: You’re out for the evening with your wife, but all you can think about is the sexy blonde who’s back at home babysitting for you. You’re wondering why I winked at you and licked my lips while your wife had her back turned. Or did you just imagine that because you’re a horny old bastard? Are you dreaming of pinching my big tits as I give you a blow job? I bet you’re fantasizing about my smooth pussy riding up and down your cock as you give me a ride home, right?

Imagine if you peeked into the guest room and found me lying in bed asleep. You know what you want! I’m totally out cold. Come in, pull my covers back, and fondle me while I sleep. How far are you going to go? No one else is awake, so it’s now or never for you to have your way with your barely legal babysitter!

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New Hot Tease On The Block!

I'm Angie the new girl on the block, you know the one the cock tease you've been aching to fuck. You watch me through your blinds, secretly rubbing and stroking yourself as you watch me.

You know that I'm the slut in the neighborhood -- the whore everyone wants to fuck! I act so sweet and innocent in public, but you know differently, don't you? I'm a total whore in the bedroom! Nothing is too taboo for me. I love everything! The nastier the better!

I want you to make me cum.. to make me your slut. I want you to make me your whore... your hot bitch... your little cum bucket!

Just think about me bending over in front of you reaching around and pulling my pussy open for you. I look over my shoulder watching you and waiting for you to drive your cock deep inside me! I know you want me ... and I want you. Go ahead.. cum and get me ... call me ... cum fuck me!

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July 3, 2007

ROCK your COCK and BLOW your MIND !!!!!!

Hi I'm Nikki, and if you are one of my callers, you know I LOVE to Fuck!!!!! For those of you who donot know me, let me tell you a little bit about myself... I just finished courses as a MASSAGE THERAPIST and have customers who beg for my touch! Men just melt in my hands as I manipulate their muscles, releasing all their tension. Nine out of 10 times they get an erection!! I will have my own business soon, and you can bet I will attend to those STIFF rods. So in the mean time, I will practice on you. I'm sure I can relax you with my soothing voice, my words will become my hands. MMMM and you will get ROCK HARD. I will listen to what you want and deliver it . The nastier the call the more excited I get. (My PUSSY is getting WET thinking about you reading this and your cock getting hard) We can role-play any of your kinky needs. Fetishes are my favorite. Lately I have been talking to a lot of PANTY BOYS *giggle*. You guys are the best -- I can relate to you when I wear my strap-on and tease your aching pussy, or dress you in my lingerie. Then you cum and we all feel better. Of course it is our secret, you are safe with me. Well, I have to get ready for work. I wonder how many MALES I will have under my finger tips today!

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June 26, 2007

My Naughty Neighbor

I have be noticing the new neighbor that moved in next door. He is tall dark and he has a toned tight body. He's so delicious, and I want him. And I always get exactly what I want. So I have been hanging out by my pool a lot more lately, and I bought the skimpiest bikini that I could find that doesn't reveal my surprise package tucked away between my legs. I decided to be bold and go next door to borrow some sugar wearing my bikini of course.He answered the door and I gasped at the sight of the Greek god standing before me. I felt my passion stirring but I was hoping that I hadn't given away my secret yet by getting a hard on. If I did he didn't notice and he invited me in and shut the door. He grabbed me and kissed my lips so softly and passionately that it took my breath away. I know that he had to feel my cock growing against his leg. But if he did he didn't let on at all. He picked me up and took me to the couch and laid me down and pulled off his towel and out popped this huge cock. I took it into my hand and started licking that huge head and stroking it. I moved my mouth to his balls and sucked each one. He reached down in between my legs and grabbed my hard cock. It surprised me and I stopped and he looked at me as he took my bikini bottom off. He didn't seem surprised at all by my cock and that turned me on even more. He moved around so we could do 69. We sucked each other until we were ready to cum. We released our love juices at the same time. His sticky cum tasted so sweet and I wanted every drop. Then he picked me up and bent me over the couch and slid that massive hunk of manhood in my tight little asshole and fucked me hard. I moaned with every thrust of his dick as I jerked off my hard cock. We both shot our load again and fell to the floor exhausted from our passion. As we lay there holding each other I asked him why he wasn't surprised by me being a tranny and he told me that he was watching me jerk off in my bedroom one night when he was walking around looking for his cat. He said that he stood at my window and jacked off as well as he watched me shoot my hot creamy cum and then lick it off of my hands. He said that he knew that he just had to have me from that point on. Needless to say I borrow alot of sugar these days. Cum knock on my door and borrow of my sugar too baby! And remember... if you want to see more of me CLICK HERE. Or you can always call me at 1-866-470-8895.

Lots of Kisses,


June 23, 2007

Colleen's Hot Caller

I answered the phone yesterday and introduced myself. My caller then introduced himself as well. I must say he had the sexiest phone voice I have ever heard. I was getting hotter with every word he spoke. Even before we got into his sexy fantasy I was touching myself. He wanted me to be the older slut that lived next door that he had his eye for quite some time. He knew that I was watching him as well. I started moaning before we even got tothe good parts of call and he asked me what I was up too. I told him that he his voice has set me on fire since the first word, and that I have been playing with myself the whole time. I could hear him stroking his cock and he increased the pace as he listen to what I was telling him. Instead of talking we just moaned to each other. We started moaning loudly together, and I know that we were both cumming with such an intense orgasm. I felt my warm sticky juices gushing all over my hand as he told me that he just shot his load across the room. After we caught our breath, he told me that I was the best phone babe that he had ever spoken with and that he would be calling me again soon. I told him that I will be looking forward to it, and that I would try to control myself next time so we could act out his fantasy. I still can't get his voice out of my head, and I get horny every time I think of the call. Do you want me to be your slutty next door neighbor? Well then, call me baby and we'll have fun as well Lover! Here is my number: 1-888-356-0370. If you want to check me out even further, then CLICK HERE to visit my personal page.

Your Slutty Babe,

June 18, 2007

Sweet and Innocent Me!

I'm Lucy! Don't I just look so sweet and innocent? You know my innocent look really does come in handy. I get out of SO much trouble, by just playing the dumb blonde role. I have used lines like "I did not know he was married" or " Oh, no I am still a virgin" since I was 15. And believe me I was no virgin at 15. People just cant help but to believe my innocent look, "she could have never seduced her teacher, he must have come on to her." But little do they know, underneath this innocent look, lies the nastiest slut you could ever encounter. I love being bad, and using my body to tempt men. I started at a young age. I learned that how you dress and how you act means a lot. We give off a lot fof signals and never even realize. I started by teasing my dad. Once I wore a short dress with no panties. I bent over just enough so that he could see I have nothing on underneath the dress. My dad followed me around that entire day. Once I realized I could manipulate my daddy by dressing in a very provocative manner, I knew I'd have him wrapped around my finger for the rest of my life. And once I tamed that big bad bulldog, I knew I could tame any man. I just wink, innocently bend over, spread my legs, and men drop like flies. It's amazing what men will do for pussy. And that's what I like to see, just how far you are willing to go to get that hard cock of yours, in this wet cunt of mine. Are you willing to suck a cock? Are you willing to eat my ass? Will you let me piss in your mouth? Will you dress up in heels, lace, and garters, and prostitute yourself all for my profit? Call me (888)896-7015. Visit my website or send me an email with your naughty thoughts.

June 12, 2007

Let's Do Some Nasty Role Play!

Hey boys, Naughty Kelly here. I love getting nasty and kinky on the phone.. And, I love to role-play. I was thinking about a sexy one, and I had to go rub my clitty because it got me very horny. So here goes what I was thinking about...

How about I come home early from a little date I was on. It didnt go very well because my boyfriend couldn't get it up and fuck me. He got to drunk and passed out -- whata pussy! So I'm feeling pretty horny, and I come in and see the light on in your room. As I was hearing noises I thought maybe you feel asleep with your light on or something. So I take a quick peek in your room, and you're jerking off like crazy looking at a naked picture of your bad brother you!!!

I stand there for awhile thinking naughty thoughts about fucking my brother, and how I thought you were hot. I can feel my pussy getting so wet as I keep watching you jerk off, and your cock is soooo BIG. And then... you see me.

I say as I walk in your room, "it's ok." Go ahead keep stroking it. You can do it in front of me. I like watching you do that. Do you like jerking off to dirty pictures of me??? Do you want to see your sisters pussy?? You say, "yes." And then I say, "looks like your cock just got a bit bigger he he." So i take my clothes off....I tell you that I am feeling horny too and that we can make each other feel good. Doesn't that role play sound like fun! Well call me, and let's have some family fun!

I'm into all kinds of kinky age play, family fun, oral, anal, gang bangs, black cock, cuckold, snowballing, fisting (I love that yum), strap-on play, sissy boys, humiliation, pantie boys, plus lots more. Wanna pair of my cummed filled panties? That can be arranged too *costs extra*.

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June 6, 2007

I just love a client who can get me off good!

In this biz, there is no doubt that you have to love having sex and getting off to make a good go of things. I love talking to so many men -- especially those that love to hear me cum for them. Believe me... nothing turns me on more. So I wanted to give a shout out to all you nasty and naughty men that call me to hear me cum. I also wanted to mention a favorite client of mine who I speak with on a regular basis. Whenever he calls, I always ask what he is doing. And he usually replies, "stroking my big dick." I get chills whenever he says that because it turns me on so much. I do love talking to him and telling him those nasty stories about his super hot wife. You see, this guy's wife is drop dead gorgeous and really loves to have a good time. And he is so sexy because he lets her. He loves to hear me talk about her with the cute college boys next door or even possibly those out of town businessmen at the local hotel. He gets into me describing them with their hands and fingers all over her body and up her pussy. She is always dripping wet and waiting to suck and fuck them all! And when she is ready, she even says, "Okay boys, it's time to fuck me good and hard." Now how HOT is that??? Well if you want to hear the rest, and believe me there is more, you will have to give me a call. My toll-free number is (866) 354-7263. And, you can always CLICK HERE to visit my website.

May 30, 2007

Let's Have Some Naughty Playtime Together....

Hi there, I'm Horny Holly and I'm your hot creamy teen dream, with a saturated wet dripping tight pussy and a cute little butt. I want to experience every kind of taboo phone pleasure and I'm open to everything! Listen as I suck on my dildos just dreaming of your cock!!! I just have to fuck my tight pussy while we chat, i just get so horny... My sweet little honey pot is so wet, and waiting for you to stick your thick hard cock deep inside me. I have been a very nasty little girl who needs to be spanked, so bend me over your knee and pull down my tiny panties and hmmm what would you do next??? call me and lets have some fun, i can be naughty or nice, you decide, its your call, just make the right one...CALL ME !!! 1-888-839-8210

Some things I'm into plus ooh so much more....age play of any being daddy's girl, role-play anything your mind and hard cock can think up, incest, gang bags, cuckold, big black cocks, submissive, making fun of your itty bitty shrimp dick hehe, k-9, cum eating, snowballing, oral, anal, quickies, pantie boys, virgin, strap-on, yea i may be little but my strap-on is BIG hehe, water sports, scat, fisting, toys all kinds, bisexual, my favorite mutual masturbation, foot fetish, just friends if you just want to talk or need advice.. As you can see, I'm pretty much the young little hottie your looking for, I have a open mind so don't be afraid to tell me whats on your mind..

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Kisses, Holly

May 23, 2007

For My Butt Bitch Jamie

This is so funny... I am on the phone right now with my "Butt Bitch" Jamie. He is so strange. He loves it when I fart in his face and make him eat my buggers from my nose. Can you say gross??? I think it is so funny that he likes to do this. He also loves it when I give him a nice little golden shower. I like to trick him. Sometimes when he does a good job of licking and sniffing my ass, I tell him I will reward him with a big kiss. But instead of kissing....he he he... I spit on him. And can you believe that he loves it and keeps begging me for more!?!?! I know he will be reading this soon because he told me to write about him, and maybe he will put a comment in about how he really loves the way I treat him.

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May 22, 2007

Hey Check Me Out... I'm the New Chick on the Block!

Hey everyone, I am Tiffany. I am so glad to be here and hope you will call me so we can have some real nasty fun together. Here is a little bit about me -- I love to play volleyball, swim, dance, go to the movies with my friends...I love to get involved in a nice little gang bang action, too! Most of all, I love to write about all kinda stuff, especially erotic writings, it sort of stems from being the only little girl and being Daddy's favorite, lol. Acting out some of my fantasies, with props and various locations included, just really turn me on, baby. Once, the prop was atop of a well-known brownstone in NYC, nonetheless. Oh, it was so awesome as the winds pierced through my juicy red hot pussy! Well, I am off for now. You can get to know me better by calling me at my number 1-866-485-7680. And, you can also learn more about me, in upcoming posts. By the way, CLICK HERE to visit my personal page at the Naughty Girls Phone sex Website. Check me out!


May 21, 2007

School Teachers are Fun Too!

Hi ya guys ! I'm Susan~ I'm 35 and I'm a hot, horny, sexy older woman who loves phone sex and kinky play Anytime & anywhere.

I'm the Sexy Older Woman and Teacher You've Always wanted to FUCK!!!!!! I'm a Substitute Teacher over at the local high school ~ I FUCKED my way into the classroom. Mr. Martin the Superintendent wanted me around for school moral. He Said I had a way with "KEEPING THINGS UP."

What can say… I get so damn turned on by my younger, hunky male students. Just thinking about fucking, sucking, and licking their muscular, young, toned bodies and thick, juicy hard cocks gets my pussy wet! They have no idea that I'm so sexual and nasty~ They just think I'm a pretty smart teacher... If they only knew what I do when I'm not teaching~ it would surely set their young cocks ablaze with lust!

As you can see, I have a really wild side~ I guess its just the ' tiger' in me that sets my lustful mind and sweet pussy juices flowing! When I'm not on the phone, I love to read trashy novels and every so often I have to put the book down and rub my sweet, swollen clit between my manicured nails and bring myself so close to the edge... but I wait for a client to call before I cum so I can give him an earful of my sensuous moans of pleasure! Who said teachers are "bookish" and " boring" sure hasn't had a taste of me In Reality or In Fantasy over the phone!! (888)254-8690 I am waiting for your nasty call.

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A Special Girl with A Special Surprise...

Hi there big guy, my name is Jordyn, if you can't tell just by looking at me; I love sex in all its many glorious forms.

What I like the most is getting all dressed up in one of my many sexy, girlie outfits and going to a bar and picking up hot guys who don't have a clue as to what I am packing between my legs. I am really good at picking men who don't mind my little surprise or should I say my big surprise, all 9 inches when really excited.

Boys there is nothing I don't like, I'll do anything, as long as it turns my partner on. I must say my biggest turn-on is when a guy puts his hand between my legs and is very pleasantly surprised when he finds out I'll be able to do a lot more for him than just suck his cock and spread my legs while he fucks me. Needless to say we can do that and much more.

All my lovers like sucking my large cock, and playing with my cute boobs. They are not satisfied until I cum all over them. Butt, what they really like is bending over and begging me to fuck them, really hard. I always give my lovers what they want. This drives me to points of ecstasy that are indescribable. Of course, when they return the favor I am all woman, and then some.

So guys if you like your sex really nasty, kinky, and raunchy and totally hot give me a call. I'm sitting here, HORNY & VERY HARD waiting for your call. Wouldn't you like to make my little, tight, hot "pussy-ass" take all of your throbbing cock deep inside?

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May 17, 2007

Every man's naughtiest dream slut. Yes, that's me...

I remember my first time masturbating. I was totally floored when I was laying there with my legs wide open and touching my pink clitty, and it felt really tingly. I often would play with myself when I was young before I fell asleep. The petting of my clit and pussy pie hole was feeling so good and my juices were flowing that before long I had an awesome orgasm. Everyone should masturbate, I mean it isn't nothing dirty but if it was I would still do it *naughty giggle*.

My first give hand job was with my brother's best friend. I knew they had found some porn magazines and were looking at them. I stood outside the bedroom door and listened to them. They were getting excited and I heard his friend say he was headed to the bathroom. So I sneaked in there and waited for him behind the shower curtain. When he pulled out his bulging raging pecker I was shocked. So BIG and so HARD! I stepped out and asked him if I could help. He said no I was to young. Young or not he couldn't resist to long and I wrapped my hands around the shaft and started stroking. I couldn't believe how it grew even more in my hand. It wasn't long before he shot and guess where? *Smile*

I love it rough. I love it when I am tied up spread eagle on the bed. My lips inviting a cock right in. When a man takes it hard and makes me sore for days. Or two guys giving it to me rough n hard. One has his ball sacs slapping against my chin. The other one is pounding me so hard that he is hitting rock bottom in my trap hole. My clit is hard, throbbing. My cunt juices are flowing and I am about to explode all over someones cock. Want it to be yours?

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