August 25, 2009

*purrrs* One of my favorite phone lovers called me today. I was so excited
to hear his sexy voice on the other end. He has such a way of making me

I gave him the total GFE he's come to enjoy & we had a wonderful afternoon
phone date. He told me to lay back so he could undress me & had me close
my eyes to feel him beside me. Then he had me lick my finger & told me to
trace my nipples as if he was there sucking on them till they got hard.
*shivers* That is so sexy!

Eventually after he worked me up into a frenzy by having me touch myself
all over - he allowed me to play with my pussy for him. By the time I
finally got to put even one of my fingers on my clit I was ready to have
the most incredible orgasm ever!

I came so hard! Thank you so much my Virgo Master! You know who you are. *wink*

*Hugs & Kisses*

PS: I want to share with all our readers & fans out there a very special
drawing that my Virgo Master made of me. Hope everyone enjoys it as much
as I did. Take a look at the photo he took inspiration from. *blushes*