April 9, 2008

I woke up this morning after having a hot dream. My clit was swollen and throbbing with need. I just lied back and slid my fingers down to that hot wet throbbing clit of mine and started circling and stroking myself. My other hand reaching up to pinch my twist my hard sensitive nipples. Soon I was sliding my fingers in and out of my sopping wet cunt. MMMMM my firm thighs spread wide open my fingers sliding deeper and deeper inside myself, just hoping that my phone would ring.

Today was my lucky morning, oh my god, a new cock to play with! My new playmate had the hottest voice and knew how to turn me on! He made me use my nipple clamps and had me straddling my 12” dildo. I was riding my dildo as hard as I wanted to ride his big fat cock. He had me so wet and ready to cum hard and denied me! I had to pull my dildo out of my wet twat and suck it like I would suck him, tasting my juices and gagging on the length. The whole time he was stroking his cock for me over the phone. I love hearing a man beat his meat just for me. Hearing him moaning and his breathing getting heavier and faster as he got closer to blowing his wad.

He told me to stop sucking and to shove that big cock in my pussy and to fuck myself hard and fast, as fast as he was stroking for me. I began fucking myself hard and fast, my pussy wet hot and slippery. He screamed out my name as we exploded together. Now I cant wait to play with him again, my pussy starts to get wet just thinking about it!

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Hope to speak with you soon,