May 30, 2007

Let's Have Some Naughty Playtime Together....

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May 23, 2007

For My Butt Bitch Jamie

This is so funny... I am on the phone right now with my "Butt Bitch" Jamie. He is so strange. He loves it when I fart in his face and make him eat my buggers from my nose. Can you say gross??? I think it is so funny that he likes to do this. He also loves it when I give him a nice little golden shower. I like to trick him. Sometimes when he does a good job of licking and sniffing my ass, I tell him I will reward him with a big kiss. But instead of kissing....he he he... I spit on him. And can you believe that he loves it and keeps begging me for more!?!?! I know he will be reading this soon because he told me to write about him, and maybe he will put a comment in about how he really loves the way I treat him.

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May 22, 2007

Hey Check Me Out... I'm the New Chick on the Block!

Hey everyone, I am Tiffany. I am so glad to be here and hope you will call me so we can have some real nasty fun together. Here is a little bit about me -- I love to play volleyball, swim, dance, go to the movies with my friends...I love to get involved in a nice little gang bang action, too! Most of all, I love to write about all kinda stuff, especially erotic writings, it sort of stems from being the only little girl and being Daddy's favorite, lol. Acting out some of my fantasies, with props and various locations included, just really turn me on, baby. Once, the prop was atop of a well-known brownstone in NYC, nonetheless. Oh, it was so awesome as the winds pierced through my juicy red hot pussy! Well, I am off for now. You can get to know me better by calling me at my number 1-866-485-7680. And, you can also learn more about me, in upcoming posts. By the way, CLICK HERE to visit my personal page at the Naughty Girls Phone sex Website. Check me out!


May 21, 2007

School Teachers are Fun Too!

Hi ya guys ! I'm Susan~ I'm 35 and I'm a hot, horny, sexy older woman who loves phone sex and kinky play Anytime & anywhere.

I'm the Sexy Older Woman and Teacher You've Always wanted to FUCK!!!!!! I'm a Substitute Teacher over at the local high school ~ I FUCKED my way into the classroom. Mr. Martin the Superintendent wanted me around for school moral. He Said I had a way with "KEEPING THINGS UP."

What can say… I get so damn turned on by my younger, hunky male students. Just thinking about fucking, sucking, and licking their muscular, young, toned bodies and thick, juicy hard cocks gets my pussy wet! They have no idea that I'm so sexual and nasty~ They just think I'm a pretty smart teacher... If they only knew what I do when I'm not teaching~ it would surely set their young cocks ablaze with lust!

As you can see, I have a really wild side~ I guess its just the ' tiger' in me that sets my lustful mind and sweet pussy juices flowing! When I'm not on the phone, I love to read trashy novels and every so often I have to put the book down and rub my sweet, swollen clit between my manicured nails and bring myself so close to the edge... but I wait for a client to call before I cum so I can give him an earful of my sensuous moans of pleasure! Who said teachers are "bookish" and " boring" sure hasn't had a taste of me In Reality or In Fantasy over the phone!! (888)254-8690 I am waiting for your nasty call.

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A Special Girl with A Special Surprise...

Hi there big guy, my name is Jordyn, if you can't tell just by looking at me; I love sex in all its many glorious forms.

What I like the most is getting all dressed up in one of my many sexy, girlie outfits and going to a bar and picking up hot guys who don't have a clue as to what I am packing between my legs. I am really good at picking men who don't mind my little surprise or should I say my big surprise, all 9 inches when really excited.

Boys there is nothing I don't like, I'll do anything, as long as it turns my partner on. I must say my biggest turn-on is when a guy puts his hand between my legs and is very pleasantly surprised when he finds out I'll be able to do a lot more for him than just suck his cock and spread my legs while he fucks me. Needless to say we can do that and much more.

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May 17, 2007

Every man's naughtiest dream slut. Yes, that's me...

I remember my first time masturbating. I was totally floored when I was laying there with my legs wide open and touching my pink clitty, and it felt really tingly. I often would play with myself when I was young before I fell asleep. The petting of my clit and pussy pie hole was feeling so good and my juices were flowing that before long I had an awesome orgasm. Everyone should masturbate, I mean it isn't nothing dirty but if it was I would still do it *naughty giggle*.

My first give hand job was with my brother's best friend. I knew they had found some porn magazines and were looking at them. I stood outside the bedroom door and listened to them. They were getting excited and I heard his friend say he was headed to the bathroom. So I sneaked in there and waited for him behind the shower curtain. When he pulled out his bulging raging pecker I was shocked. So BIG and so HARD! I stepped out and asked him if I could help. He said no I was to young. Young or not he couldn't resist to long and I wrapped my hands around the shaft and started stroking. I couldn't believe how it grew even more in my hand. It wasn't long before he shot and guess where? *Smile*

I love it rough. I love it when I am tied up spread eagle on the bed. My lips inviting a cock right in. When a man takes it hard and makes me sore for days. Or two guys giving it to me rough n hard. One has his ball sacs slapping against my chin. The other one is pounding me so hard that he is hitting rock bottom in my trap hole. My clit is hard, throbbing. My cunt juices are flowing and I am about to explode all over someones cock. Want it to be yours?

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May 10, 2007

Hi everyone I'm slutty Sarah. I love being daddy's little slut... I love to role play and I'm into all kinds of sexy kinky stuff. My favorite is being daddy's special little whore -- you would never guess when you see my daddy walking out the door in his suit that my sweet smelling pussy juice is drying on his cock from our morning fuck. You wouldn't expect to find my pink lip gloss smeared against the base of his cock but if you look close its there hehe. You certainly wouldn't think that when I bend over, the wet spot you see spreading on my cotton panties is the last trickle of daddy's cum leaking from my tight pussy and asshole. I love playing with my daddy..

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May 8, 2007

Now How Hot is This!!!

Hey all you naughty boys and girls. I just have to tell you what happened with me and my friend Amy. She is another operator on the Hot Phone Seductions site. We were having a fun time on the phone with "Big Daddy." I love having those three-way calls. We got so nasty talking about how he was fucking my pussy while Amy was eating me out. Mmmmm.... I get all hot and bothered thinking about it now. Amy is really hot and fun to be with. You should check out her Dirty Diary. She has got some really naughty stories. Maybe you will want to do a call with the both of us... I promise it will be N-A-S-T-Y! Here are our phone numbers: Rachel4PhoneSex 1-866-354-7263 and PhoneSexwithAmy 1-888-845-0608.

May 7, 2007

Hi boys, my name is Shannon and I am the featured girl on the Naughty Girls website. I work in an adult bookstore. I meet a lot of horny and kinky people there. With so much porno around and horny men coming and going, its hard not to get excited. Sometimes I have to go back in the store room and please myself... If you call me I can tell you more about it. I’m a naughty girl, and I love being bad. I especially like risky know...doing things in places where I might get caught. Have you ever done anything risky? Want to tell me about it? I'll talk about anything, nothing is off limits with me. I love to tell all about my sexcapades, and I love hearing your stories too! I get so hot and wet when a man tells me about all the naughty things he has done! Lets be naughty together. I'm always horny and wet....So call me.....lets cum together!

May 3, 2007

Let Me Make You Purrr......

Hi I am Ashley, the hot sex kitten who wants to make you purr. How I love to talk dirty with a horny man. I will explore all your deep dark fantasies with you. We can talk about anything. Maybe you would like to hear about some of my experiences. I love to tease a man and get him hard. Then I like to make him cum. Call me and I will make you cum. Maybe you would like a blow job. I will tell you how my sensual lips will caress and suck till you explode. My pussy gets so wet and is always ready for your tongue, finger or cock. You will love your call with me.

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May 2, 2007

Let an Older Woman Fulfill Those Naughty Fantasies...

Looking for an older woman to fulfill your fantasies of fucking your Mom, Aunt or ever your older Sis. I love young hard cocks and teaching them the pleasures only an experienced woman knows. No incest fantasy will shock me, in fact I might add a few fantasies of my own.. This horny cunt is insatiable. Only hard and hungry young cocks satisfy me..

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