July 31, 2007

For all you little nubs...

Well!!! Here you are again. Cruising the net trying to find someone to help you get off. I know the only reason you are checking me out is because I'm the closest you are going to get to being laid.. You know as well as I do that no self-respecting woman will be able to keep a straight face when she sees that pencil dick blowing in the breeze..HAHA!

The fact that you have made it to the second paragraph shows you are a pathetic little worm. Any real man would have moved on by now. But not you and your little nub. Oh I know you play with it, all the time hoping that you can stretch it? NOT A CHANCE!

What the hell would I or any woman do with that? Ewww... The only thing you will be doing is eating the cum out of my sweet beautiful pussy you worm! Don't look disgusted its not the first time you ate cum... You do lick up yours and lick your fingers clean after you jerk off that little slim jim HAHA!

And if your a good boy, my strap-on is just aching for a slutty sissy boy like you. But first your going to put those cock sucking lips of yours around my BIG strapon. That's it you cock slut get it all wet and slippery because I'm gonna fuck that little back door cunt of yours until you scream!!! And then I'm calling all my friends over and let them have there way with you too!
Dont worry your not completely useless. You are my new clean up boy and crap catcher, suck it up. ALL OF IT!!! Only a real man knows how to satisfy a wild ass bitch like me. And it's sure not you!

Call dirty Dee, but be warned I'm not a mind reader. So if you got a little nub tell me I won't laugh to hard. I'm into all kinds of kink baby, so if you like it dirty and nasty call dirty Dee 1-866-250-4816. You can also check me out here http://www.naughtygirlsphonesex.com/Operators/Dee.htm. And e-mail me if you have any questions dee@angelcommunications.net.

July 27, 2007

Hi this is Nikki again.... so many horny men. I love all your calls. Some have been NASTY NASTY NASTY. A recent caller worshiped my ass !!! He spread my cheeks and licked then he dug riight in. Yes what a man. he liked putting his hardened tongue in my ass and told me that my ass was the best. Thank you baby !X!X!. Well I told you how I want to be a massage therapist.... and after work I will be going to a conference. When I get back, I want to practice all the new manuevers I learn. I think I will be really good at caressing HARD COCKS. I can never get enough hard cock. I bet I can teach the others at the convention how to massage with my LIPS ( giggle) You guys have really taught me the art of cock and ball massage. So I'll be back Sunday or Monday I'll be eager to try out some new stuff. So Call me at 1-877-870-2960 and we can get kinky together !!!!! Check me out at http://www.boudoirbabes.com/ leave an e-mail at nikki@angelcommunications I'll respond when i get back.

LUV YA !!!!

July 23, 2007

Hot, Naughty and Nasty Phone Session...

One of my son's friends came over for a good fucking last night as I was on the phone with one of my regular callers. Let's just say my caller got his money worth last night. I told my caller that I had company over and he was horny too. My caller asked if I would fuck this young stud while he listened. I told him that I will put on the speakerphone and we'll get right to it just for him. My hot young lover undressed me quickly and started sucking my already erect nipples. I moaned as he moved his way down to my pussy. I spread my legs wide and I held the phone close to my pussy so my caller could hear me getting licked. Once I came hard my hot young stood stood up and put his hard rod in my mouth and fucked my face until he shot his white creamy load all over my face and tits. I could hear my caller moaning and jacking off furiously over the speakerphone. He asked if my hot young stud would fuck my dripping wet cunt as he listened. Of course my stud agreed. I held the phone close so he could her every slap of that boys balls against my clit and my loud moans with every thrust. I must have came 3 or 4 times as he fucked me. My hard young stud was getting ready to cum again and I could hear my caller screaming my name as he exploded. My caller told me that he shot his spunk clear across the room. My boy toy filled my juicy cunt with his cum as well. After we all caught our breath I spoke to my caller and asked him if he thought he got his money's worth tonight. He said that he sure as hell did and that he will call back for a repeat performance real soon. My spent young hunk got dressed and asked if he could be the one I fuck during the call again. I told him that of course he could but maybe next time he could bring a friend along too. Needless to say I know that boy will be back with a friend very soon. LOL


July 20, 2007

The Sweet Taste of Pussy!

My sexy best friend Carly dropped in for an extended visit this morning. She is staying with me and in my bed of course for about a month. The moment I answered the door my jaw dropped and and my pussy started throbbing as I pulled her in and shut the door. We kissed and fell to the floor. We were lost in our passion as we kissed and licked each other from head to toe. After we made each cum many times, we got dressed and caught up on things. She told me that she is going to work while she is visiting. Oh yeah! Did I forget to mention that we are both phone sex operators and that she wants to do 2 girl calls like the old days. We love working on those 2 girl calls together as we lick and kiss every inch of our sexy bodies and tell you all of the naughty details. You can listen as I lap up her sweet juices on her pretty pink pussy. And be sure to ask up about our toys. We never miss an opportunity to play with them as well. And just imagine the 2 of us working on that thick rod of yours or fucking one of us a the other one eats out her delicious pussy. We are bi-sexual of course and we just love sharing our hard hunks. So give us a call and you'll get double the fun double the pleasure. It is just $3.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum to play with us! But, you do have to 18 or older! You can call me at 1-866-394-3620 or Carly at 1-866-385-5371. Both numbers ring right to my bedroom. We except Visa/MC/Amex/Discover and it is discretely billed. Call us baby! Your cock will love you for it! If you book a 20 minute call we will email you some of our naughty photos too!

July 18, 2007

I never realized just what a slut I was until today. I was shopping as I normally do on Tuesdays and I found this cute little outfit and had decided to try it on. Short mini skirt, skin tight top, and some 5 inch fuck me heels. I had just slipped it on and walked to the big viewing mirror when I noticed this guy watching me. He was looking so hard I swear I could feel the heat from his dick. I smiled and went back in to change when the door suddenly sung open and there he was standing there cock in hand and ordering me to fuck. I was stunned, but didn’t resist. He grabbed my leg and pushed it up over his shoulder and with one swift move he was deep inside my cunt. He fucked that cock up into me so hard I was cumming on his third stroke in. He shot his load, zipped his pants and he was gone as quick as he came. I am a whore. And by the way... I didn’t buy the outfit. It had a huge cum stain on it hehehe....

If you want to check out more of my wild and erotic happenings, check out my personal blog at http://phonesexwithcarly.blogspot.com/.

Fucks and Sucks,
(866) 385-5371

July 17, 2007


Hey everyone, I'm Lisa your hot little spunk junkie. I have always loved the taste of thick creamy cum. I guess you can say I have a "cum" addiction hehe... Grab me by my hair and tell me to suck your cock just the way you like it.. nice and deep. I'll take my tongue and lick your cock all over, bobbing my head up and down, side to side, going faster and faster until you explode right into my mouth. I'll take every inch of your meat, I may gag but don't stop. Call me all of those nasty names your to scared to call your wife or girl friend. Being called a cum sucking slut makes me cream my panties.

I have a huge appetite for hard throbbing cum filled cocks! I can never seem to get enough of that delicious throbbing piece of man meat in my mouth! I'll do whatever it takes to get the cum to explode out of your balls! Blow jobs are my favorite. I love getting big mouthfuls of hot creamy spunk.

Call me, and let's get nasty together. I am a totally fucking cum whore. I love dirty taboo sex. Any taboos welcome with me. There's nothing this little cream whore won't do to get my mouth around your cock. Give me a call at 1-888-852-5920 or check me out by clicking on the link http://www.naughtygirlsphonesex.com/Operators/Lisa.htm.

July 16, 2007

Call Me To Get Your Taste...

My name is Sherri, and I am one hot an horny bitch. I can't get enough of all you hot hard and naughty young hunks. I get all creamy when I think about sitting on your thick hard cock and my huge titties bouncing in your face. But, I like to fuck doggie style must of all. I like to bend over and pull open my ass cheeks and show you my little pink pussy and my tight asshole. It is your choice which hole you want to fill with that stiff cock. But, if you leave the choice up to me I want you to fuck my tight little asshole. Once I cum and you are ready to shoot your load I want to move around and taste my dirty hole on your dick as you fill my hungry mouth with hot sticky jizz. Then I'll kiss you and stick my tongue covered in your cum deep in your mouth so you can get a good taste of your cum and the taste of my dirty ass. I have no inhibitions so you can have me anyway you choose. But, you have to call me to your taste of me baby! CLICK HERE to fine out how to contact me.

July 14, 2007

Double your fun, double your pleasure???

If one younger lover is good then two must be awesome right? I have been thinking about a special phone sex role play today that involves two of you. Yes two young studs that I am going to seduce at the same time.

Mature women know what we want sexually and we do not hesitate to go after it. So when I see you and your friend hanging out at the mall this afternoon I get that hot wet tingle in my cunt. And I decide that I want both of you.

Catching your attention is no problem. I just walk by nice and slow and let your eyes all but undress me. I lick my lips and look back at you and then sit down on the bench and let my long legs part just enough that you can peek under my skirt. Those instant erections I see in your shorts excite me so much it takes all of my will power not to fuck you right then and there. But I know that slow and sexy is the way to seduce two young studs like you.

I stand up and bend over to pick up my packages and give you another underskirt peek. Then I take my personal card out of my purse and write on the back “follow me home for the fuck of your dreams boys” before handing it to you and smiling. As I stroll away I feel your gaze on my tight ass and I know that in a few minutes you will drive up behind me and walk through my front door and find out how fucking hot it is to let a mature horny babe like me teach you some two on one live phone sex action.

Keep my toll free phone sex number handy boys. You will want to do this again. Oh, and if you need a reminder of how to contact me, just CLICK HERE.

Horny for you,

July 8, 2007

If I Tell You My Fantasy, Will You Tell Me Your's?

So what’s your fantasy? I want be your naughty teen babysitter! Here’s my fantasy: You’re out for the evening with your wife, but all you can think about is the sexy blonde who’s back at home babysitting for you. You’re wondering why I winked at you and licked my lips while your wife had her back turned. Or did you just imagine that because you’re a horny old bastard? Are you dreaming of pinching my big tits as I give you a blow job? I bet you’re fantasizing about my smooth pussy riding up and down your cock as you give me a ride home, right?

Imagine if you peeked into the guest room and found me lying in bed asleep. You know what you want! I’m totally out cold. Come in, pull my covers back, and fondle me while I sleep. How far are you going to go? No one else is awake, so it’s now or never for you to have your way with your barely legal babysitter!

HOT, huh!?! I think so! I get very turned on being so naughty, and it’s quite taboo too! There’s just something about taboo phone sex that really gets me excited. And as everyone knows, I have no limits, no taboos, anything goes. You can always reach me by email, website or call me (877) 875-6492.

New Hot Tease On The Block!

I'm Angie the new girl on the block, you know the one the cock tease you've been aching to fuck. You watch me through your blinds, secretly rubbing and stroking yourself as you watch me.

You know that I'm the slut in the neighborhood -- the whore everyone wants to fuck! I act so sweet and innocent in public, but you know differently, don't you? I'm a total whore in the bedroom! Nothing is too taboo for me. I love everything! The nastier the better!

I want you to make me cum.. to make me your slut. I want you to make me your whore... your hot bitch... your little cum bucket!

Just think about me bending over in front of you reaching around and pulling my pussy open for you. I look over my shoulder watching you and waiting for you to drive your cock deep inside me! I know you want me ... and I want you. Go ahead.. cum and get me ... call me ... cum fuck me!

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July 3, 2007

ROCK your COCK and BLOW your MIND !!!!!!

Hi I'm Nikki, and if you are one of my callers, you know I LOVE to Fuck!!!!! For those of you who donot know me, let me tell you a little bit about myself... I just finished courses as a MASSAGE THERAPIST and have customers who beg for my touch! Men just melt in my hands as I manipulate their muscles, releasing all their tension. Nine out of 10 times they get an erection!! I will have my own business soon, and you can bet I will attend to those STIFF rods. So in the mean time, I will practice on you. I'm sure I can relax you with my soothing voice, my words will become my hands. MMMM and you will get ROCK HARD. I will listen to what you want and deliver it . The nastier the call the more excited I get. (My PUSSY is getting WET thinking about you reading this and your cock getting hard) We can role-play any of your kinky needs. Fetishes are my favorite. Lately I have been talking to a lot of PANTY BOYS *giggle*. You guys are the best -- I can relate to you when I wear my strap-on and tease your aching pussy, or dress you in my lingerie. Then you cum and we all feel better. Of course it is our secret, you are safe with me. Well, I have to get ready for work. I wonder how many MALES I will have under my finger tips today!

Call me later tonight 1-877-870-2960, and I will tell you what I did to their hard cocks (and ass holes.. they love feeling my hands kneeding their ass cheeks)! Then if you want, we can roleplay. I love making men cum. Oh, I love to cum with you too! Gotta go I will be back later this evening so call me. In the meantime, CLICK HERE to check me out. You can also e-mail me at nikki@angelcommunications.net. I look forward to playing with you!!!!!