June 26, 2007

My Naughty Neighbor

I have be noticing the new neighbor that moved in next door. He is tall dark and he has a toned tight body. He's so delicious, and I want him. And I always get exactly what I want. So I have been hanging out by my pool a lot more lately, and I bought the skimpiest bikini that I could find that doesn't reveal my surprise package tucked away between my legs. I decided to be bold and go next door to borrow some sugar wearing my bikini of course.He answered the door and I gasped at the sight of the Greek god standing before me. I felt my passion stirring but I was hoping that I hadn't given away my secret yet by getting a hard on. If I did he didn't notice and he invited me in and shut the door. He grabbed me and kissed my lips so softly and passionately that it took my breath away. I know that he had to feel my cock growing against his leg. But if he did he didn't let on at all. He picked me up and took me to the couch and laid me down and pulled off his towel and out popped this huge cock. I took it into my hand and started licking that huge head and stroking it. I moved my mouth to his balls and sucked each one. He reached down in between my legs and grabbed my hard cock. It surprised me and I stopped and he looked at me as he took my bikini bottom off. He didn't seem surprised at all by my cock and that turned me on even more. He moved around so we could do 69. We sucked each other until we were ready to cum. We released our love juices at the same time. His sticky cum tasted so sweet and I wanted every drop. Then he picked me up and bent me over the couch and slid that massive hunk of manhood in my tight little asshole and fucked me hard. I moaned with every thrust of his dick as I jerked off my hard cock. We both shot our load again and fell to the floor exhausted from our passion. As we lay there holding each other I asked him why he wasn't surprised by me being a tranny and he told me that he was watching me jerk off in my bedroom one night when he was walking around looking for his cat. He said that he stood at my window and jacked off as well as he watched me shoot my hot creamy cum and then lick it off of my hands. He said that he knew that he just had to have me from that point on. Needless to say I borrow alot of sugar these days. Cum knock on my door and borrow of my sugar too baby! And remember... if you want to see more of me CLICK HERE. Or you can always call me at 1-866-470-8895.

Lots of Kisses,


June 23, 2007

Colleen's Hot Caller

I answered the phone yesterday and introduced myself. My caller then introduced himself as well. I must say he had the sexiest phone voice I have ever heard. I was getting hotter with every word he spoke. Even before we got into his sexy fantasy I was touching myself. He wanted me to be the older slut that lived next door that he had his eye for quite some time. He knew that I was watching him as well. I started moaning before we even got tothe good parts of call and he asked me what I was up too. I told him that he his voice has set me on fire since the first word, and that I have been playing with myself the whole time. I could hear him stroking his cock and he increased the pace as he listen to what I was telling him. Instead of talking we just moaned to each other. We started moaning loudly together, and I know that we were both cumming with such an intense orgasm. I felt my warm sticky juices gushing all over my hand as he told me that he just shot his load across the room. After we caught our breath, he told me that I was the best phone babe that he had ever spoken with and that he would be calling me again soon. I told him that I will be looking forward to it, and that I would try to control myself next time so we could act out his fantasy. I still can't get his voice out of my head, and I get horny every time I think of the call. Do you want me to be your slutty next door neighbor? Well then, call me baby and we'll have fun as well Lover! Here is my number: 1-888-356-0370. If you want to check me out even further, then CLICK HERE to visit my personal page.

Your Slutty Babe,

June 18, 2007

Sweet and Innocent Me!

I'm Lucy! Don't I just look so sweet and innocent? You know my innocent look really does come in handy. I get out of SO much trouble, by just playing the dumb blonde role. I have used lines like "I did not know he was married" or " Oh, no I am still a virgin" since I was 15. And believe me I was no virgin at 15. People just cant help but to believe my innocent look, "she could have never seduced her teacher, he must have come on to her." But little do they know, underneath this innocent look, lies the nastiest slut you could ever encounter. I love being bad, and using my body to tempt men. I started at a young age. I learned that how you dress and how you act means a lot. We give off a lot fof signals and never even realize. I started by teasing my dad. Once I wore a short dress with no panties. I bent over just enough so that he could see I have nothing on underneath the dress. My dad followed me around that entire day. Once I realized I could manipulate my daddy by dressing in a very provocative manner, I knew I'd have him wrapped around my finger for the rest of my life. And once I tamed that big bad bulldog, I knew I could tame any man. I just wink, innocently bend over, spread my legs, and men drop like flies. It's amazing what men will do for pussy. And that's what I like to see, just how far you are willing to go to get that hard cock of yours, in this wet cunt of mine. Are you willing to suck a cock? Are you willing to eat my ass? Will you let me piss in your mouth? Will you dress up in heels, lace, and garters, and prostitute yourself all for my profit? Call me (888)896-7015. Visit my website or send me an email with your naughty thoughts.

June 12, 2007

Let's Do Some Nasty Role Play!

Hey boys, Naughty Kelly here. I love getting nasty and kinky on the phone.. And, I love to role-play. I was thinking about a sexy one, and I had to go rub my clitty because it got me very horny. So here goes what I was thinking about...

How about I come home early from a little date I was on. It didnt go very well because my boyfriend couldn't get it up and fuck me. He got to drunk and passed out -- whata pussy! So I'm feeling pretty horny, and I come in and see the light on in your room. As I was hearing noises I thought maybe you feel asleep with your light on or something. So I take a quick peek in your room, and you're jerking off like crazy looking at a naked picture of your SISTER...you bad brother you!!!

I stand there for awhile thinking naughty thoughts about fucking my brother, and how I thought you were hot. I can feel my pussy getting so wet as I keep watching you jerk off, and your cock is soooo BIG. And then... you see me.

I say as I walk in your room, "it's ok." Go ahead keep stroking it. You can do it in front of me. I like watching you do that. Do you like jerking off to dirty pictures of me??? Do you want to see your sisters pussy?? You say, "yes." And then I say, "looks like your cock just got a bit bigger he he." So i take my clothes off....I tell you that I am feeling horny too and that we can make each other feel good. Doesn't that role play sound like fun! Well call me, and let's have some family fun!

I'm into all kinds of kinky age play, family fun, oral, anal, gang bangs, black cock, cuckold, snowballing, fisting (I love that yum), strap-on play, sissy boys, humiliation, pantie boys, plus lots more. Wanna pair of my cummed filled panties? That can be arranged too *costs extra*.

Call Kinky Kelly at 1-888-650-2337. Oh and you can also CLICK HERE to check out my site. But remember... you must be 18 or older.check out my site.

June 6, 2007

I just love a client who can get me off good!

In this biz, there is no doubt that you have to love having sex and getting off to make a good go of things. I love talking to so many men -- especially those that love to hear me cum for them. Believe me... nothing turns me on more. So I wanted to give a shout out to all you nasty and naughty men that call me to hear me cum. I also wanted to mention a favorite client of mine who I speak with on a regular basis. Whenever he calls, I always ask what he is doing. And he usually replies, "stroking my big dick." I get chills whenever he says that because it turns me on so much. I do love talking to him and telling him those nasty stories about his super hot wife. You see, this guy's wife is drop dead gorgeous and really loves to have a good time. And he is so sexy because he lets her. He loves to hear me talk about her with the cute college boys next door or even possibly those out of town businessmen at the local hotel. He gets into me describing them with their hands and fingers all over her body and up her pussy. She is always dripping wet and waiting to suck and fuck them all! And when she is ready, she even says, "Okay boys, it's time to fuck me good and hard." Now how HOT is that??? Well if you want to hear the rest, and believe me there is more, you will have to give me a call. My toll-free number is (866) 354-7263. And, you can always CLICK HERE to visit my website.