September 30, 2007

An Exciting Swing Event...

My husband and I have been married for 7 years, so there's almost nothing we haven't shared. We've been to a few swing parties, but usually we wind up getting turned on and coming home to fuck. Something about all those strangers gets me hot, but I'd always stopped short of participating on premises, shall we say. Well, all that changed last weekend.

After RSVPing to a new monthly bisexual swing event, I was horny all week just thinking about it. We couldn't keep our hands off each other those few nights, I swear! But nothing prepared me for what the actual party would be like! The place was gorgeous and well furnished and the other couples were all fit and great looking. You can't even imagine how shocked we were when one of the guys started sucking another guy's cock! We'd never seen anything like that at the other swing parties we'd been to!

I kept rubbing my ass against my husband's cock, whispering over my shoulder to him how hot the cocksucking was making me. There was a patio just off the living room, so he led me out there. I was thinking maybe this would be our first time to really be a part of the party. We were that hot and then some! He slowly undressed me and people started watching us. I was so turned on! He pushed my panties down my thighs and started playing with my clit. I was so wet. I wanted his cock inside me!

But while he kept fingering me, one of the women from inside came out onto the patio to join us. She knelt down and nuzzled her face into my pussy, her tongue replacing Cliff's fingers. Soon she was lapping away at my clit while he played with my nipples. And I was cumming and cumming, drenching this stranger's face with my juices. After my husband fucked me silly against the sliding glass door - which must've given everyone QUITE a show! - I returned the favor to lovely Jill. We'll be going back to that party next month, for sure! If you would like to hear more about my naughty affairs then give me a call at (877)564-7140 or CLICK HERE to visit my personal site.



September 28, 2007


Heather here, I'll be around all day and night for your big cock, little cock or any kind in between.. I'm so ready for some hot fucking wild phone sex.. I'm so incredibly horny to.. I had my 1st call this morning and MMMMmm it was a yummmy one!


I picked up the phone, Hello this is Heather I said, he said this is Mr Lover.. OMG I knew I was going to cum cum cum!!! HE ALWAYS MAKES ME CUM!!! He said lay back and enjoy.. and are you naked? Of course I said to him *giggles*

Slowly he replaced his hand with his mouth and soon I had two very erect nipples, Kissing his way down.. He rose and pulled off his shirt and pants and positioned himself between my legs and inserted his tongue between my dripping pussy and swirled it around my already swollen clit..

My pussy juices ooozed onto his chin as his tongue swirled around my pussy, lapping up and down and all over my pussy and ass. I placed my hands to his head as if to hold him there and he reached up to message my breasts. His other hand found its way beside his tongue and he was able to glide first one finger than two inside me.

Working his tongue along the outside and his fingers on the inside I soon began thrusting my hips up against him. The contractions on his fingers seemed to pull him and hold him in place, then waves of pleasure passed over me, and I was cumming and cumming 1-2-3 ahhhh. Soon he paused and I laid on the bed, my legs bent up and spread inviting him in. He got up on top of me and I reached down and guided that raging hard-on into me.

Slowly he pushed until his cock head popped inside me and then the length of his shaft glided to fill me up. Pressed against me he began to glide in and out. His strokes picked up speed. His hips grinding down onto mine. I pulled him over and in an instant I was on top of him moving my hips in time to his.

He said he could feel it build inside him and he grabbed at my ass to hold me in place. But as I came down on his hard length of his cock he could not hold back any longer. He said he was going to cum and we both came together. We were both breathless... MMMmmm Mr.Lover call me anytime baby wowsa!!! What a way to wake up!!

Call me and lets make some hot loving, or some serious fucking, any fantasy, any fetish, I'm here for all of your needs.. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me now, I'm in my bedroom panties off hehe.. 1-877-281-9230


Kisses and fuck soon!! Heather

September 23, 2007

Worship at My Feet

I want to tell you all about my last encounter with a sissy boy. He begged to come over and honor me last night. I agreed only if he obeyed all the rules. He was on time and with his new panties and camisole. I made him get dressed and parade around for me and a couple of girlfriends. They got a real kick out of this as we all laughed at a 6 foot man in pink panties. When the girls left I told him to go and sit in the corner. He had been watching me all night and could not keep his eyes off the tall black boots I was wearing. They fit snug against my calves and the ornate design leads the eye all the way up my silky thighs. I slowly unzipped each boot and instantly could feel the rush of cool air on my feet. He gasped in the corner and his eyes were pleading with me as he whispered "please Mistress". As I pulled them off my feet, the sheer hose I was wearing was damp and clinging to my arches. I could see my freshly polished toes glistening with sweat. It was more than he could bear and he crawled over to get a closer look. I finally had him just where I wanted him, on his knees. He had been a good boy and I granted him the pleasure of a long sniff. I put one foot against his face. His mouth opened and he inhaled deep and long.....Give me a call 1-888-338-2480 and cum worship at my feet.

September 22, 2007

Fulfilling that naughty fantasy!

I worked in a grocery store. I had been there for five years at that point, and was about ready to resign, having had my fill of working with the public. On my last day, I decided to fulfill a fantasy that I had been dreaming about for two years.

See, each night after the store closes, a crew comes in to restock the shelves and get the store ready for the next day. I went into the back room, put on the outfit I had been dying to wear for two long years and had dreamt up while waiting on a hideous woman with ten billion coupons and all the wrong products.

A few seconds later….wee - roller-skating naked through the frozen food section! Such freedom! It was glorious! And then I grabbed this cute bagger I'd had my eyes on, took him into the milk cooler, fucked his brains out in there…and left that job with a big smile on my face. Wanna hear more stories. Give me a call (877)875-6492


September 20, 2007


Hey all my horny fuckmates! Get your Amy fix now before the weekend.. I'm going on vacation... So fuck me now before I go!!! That way you don't miss me and you can give your cock the attention it soooo needs!!!

I'm always ready for a huge hard cock down my throat or in my sweet tight pussy.. I'll suck and slurp and lick you from your ass all the way up to the head of your cock!!! MMMmmmm... And you know I swallow ;) or you will be my cuckold and you will suck and slurp my juicy cummy pussy clean, you know you like them cream pies hehe..

I'm going away with a bunch of friends guys and girls.. So I'll have lots of dirty stories to tell I'm sure hehe.. so why don't we make a dirty story before I go.. You know you are gonna miss me and I'm going to miss all you guys too.. You guys do take care of me that's for sure *winks*

GET YOUR AMY FIX before the weekend!!! Or you will have to wait till I get back... Just because I'm away doesn't mean that yo cant vote every day for me on Phone Sex Central, So get clicking..thanks guys..

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Kisses, Amy

September 19, 2007

Are you a cuckold???

Your wife is out all night while your home all alone wondering what man she is fucking tonight. Knowing that which ever man she chooses, he will give it to her like you can never do. His big dick filling up her juicy cunny. Pounding her pussy. Cant you just imagine your wife laying there taking it in every single position he can possibly put her in. I bet your wondering how wet and cum filled her sweet cunny will be when she gets home. Of course when she does, she makes you get down on your knees and smell her & lick every inch of her clean.Wanna share your cuckold fantasy with me? Or let me share some of mine with you. Either way, we will have the best time. Call me when you think your ready.. hehe.. (888)896-7015. Want to see more of me? Then Click Here.


September 13, 2007

A Hot Phone Sex Experience!

So this morning I wake up to a very sexy voice on the other end of my phone. This voice however is whispering, which made him sound even sexier. Apparently my caller was sitting in a chair just feet away from his wife sleeping. I could actually hear her snoring in the background.

He is just like me and loves to masturbate or have sex in places that he could possibly get caught. He tells me that it is pretty dark in the room, but he can see his wife pretty clearly, she has kicked off the covers and he has a fantastic view of her naked ass and back as she sleeps. He has been jerking off for a while now and cant seem to cum just from looking at his wife like he normally can, he needs some extra "stimulation".

So I get comfortable, pull out my trusty vibrator and immediately go to working on making myself feel good as I tell him exactly what I am doing to myself. I can hear his breathing picking up on the other end, even a couple slight moans. This turns me on so much to know he is over there stroking his cock for me while his wife is so close. I put the phone down and let him hear how juicy my pussy is as the vibrator moves in and out of it. I talk to him a bit more and as I start to cum for him he loses it and moans very loudly and I know he is cumming too.

Then all of a sudden I hear a woman's voice. His wife has woke up!! Suddenly I hear a sound as if the phone got dropped, and now the voices are muffled. I hear the woman tell him that he didn't have to be over there masturbating by himself, and I hear her voice getting closer as she says "Mommy is horny this morning too, now what can I do to make that cock of yours get hard for me again?"

The phone must be like on his side in the chair because I can now hear a sucking type noise starting really close to the phone. His wife must be sucking his cock while I get to listen on the other end!

I know I should hang up the phone just in case she happens to see it, but I cant, I have to listen. While I listen I begin playing with myself again. In a matter of minutes she apparently straddled him and was riding him and I got to listen to both of them cum as I was over here cumming myself! I think this was the hottest call I have had in a long time!

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September 10, 2007

Naughty Stepmommy!

I came home earlier last night then I was expected. My stepson's car was in the driveway. I thought he was home alone. I went up to his room to tell him I was back when I heard a girl moan as I started to knock. I noticed the door was ajar slightly so I pushed it open even more. I looked in and saw my stepson licking the sexy girls pussy. She was blond and had a beautiful body. As I watched my pussy started throbbing. I placed my hand down my shorts and parted my pussy lips and rubbed my hard clit. I was already wet as well. I stood there as she came on his face and then moved so she could suck his huge hard cock. As I watched his cock disappear in her mouth my knees grew weak and I fell against the door and it opened. My stepson and his girlfriend both looked up at me. I was standing there with a red face and my hand in my shorts. My stepson smiled and told his girlfriend to continue as he invited me in and asked me to lock the door. He told me to come and sit on the bed next to the girl and he helped me off with my clothes as she leaned over and gently kissed my lips. My whole body started tingling as he removed all of my clothes and pulled my legs open. Then she stopped kissing me and she placed her face in my pussy. She licked and sucked me until I came as my stepson sat next to us and watched as he stroked hid hard cock. As I lay on my back the girl placed her juicy pussy on my face as I felt my stepson's cock enter my cunt. This sent shivers through my body because I knew this was taboo but I just couldn't stop. I licked that tasty pussy and finger fucked her until you juices flowed in my mouth and all over my face. My stepson fucked me hard and fast until I heard him moan and he shot his load in my pussy. He was unembarrassed that he had done that. He didn't intend to cum inside me. I told him that it was OK that I had wanted him to do it as well. We all got dressed and my stepson asked if the three of us could do this again soon. I agreed and asked him not to mention it to his dad when he came home from his trip. I have been playing with my stepson for awhile now. Call me and I'll tell you about it baby! Click Here to get my phone number and read more about me.

September 1, 2007

Hello Potential Slaves,

I'm Mistress Monica the only woman you will ever need. Once you hear my sultry voice, you will obey my commands. I am your destiny, the one that will make all your naughty fantasies true. You will crave my attention and come back for more as I begin your training as my sex slave. You will worship my body from my toes to my luscious lips.

I am into forced feminization, panty boys, sissy sluts, strap on play, guided masturbation and my speciality is hard long spankings.

If you are looking for a sensual dominatrix who does not tolerate disobedience then I am the ONE. I have no taboos and no restrictions. Call me now at 1-888-338-2480.