November 17, 2007

Hey Baby I'm New Here and Up for a Good Time! Are You?

Hey there, I'm Gabriella but you can call me Gabby for short. I just love being a sexy and seductive vixen who is ready to show you such a good time. I really love it when a guy takes his time to explore and enjoy every inch of my scrumptious body. Go ahead, tell me what you would do with me and then listen to me tremble and moan while I play with myself while listening to that hot, smooth voice of yours.
And then it is my turn. I tell you exactly what I would do if I were there with you. Just imagine me there in front of you with something very sexy but not too revealing. I walk up to you and press my body against yours. I then take my hands and run them up and down your body. I unbutton your shirt and push it off your shoulders so it drops to the floor. I then gradually move down to my knees where I unbuckle, unbutton and then unzip your pants. I pull your pants and and underwear down exposing that glorious cock of yours right in front of my face. I can't help but to take it in my hands and then put it right in my mouth. Then I lick and suck you all the way down to those balls. I love oral sex! And by the way... I do swallow.

I just love being naughty. And believe me, nothing is too wild and crazy for me! I love to explore all fetishes. And I always like to play with my sexy toys while on the phone. So now don't by shy -- I know how to take control and make sure we both have a great time. I can be that soft, sweet and nurturing, or I be that kinky woman who just cannot get enough. Let's share our thoughts and bodies together. I am waiting on you baby. So give me a call at (888) 745-0842. But remember... you must be 18 years or older.

Kisses... Gabby

November 14, 2007

My husband went a business trip last week and for the very first time invited me to come along with him. He took me to a place in the Virgin Islands he travels frequently. We always talked about bringing another person into our bed, imagined scenarios where we would take turns sucking a big dick together and having the 3 of us in all different positions, enjoying each others' bodies. Of course he wanted to bring another girl in, but I wanted to have another man. Little did I know my husband had a surprise for me our first night there.

We were supposed to have dinner in a quiet cafe on the beach. I had just finished getting dressed in a snug, form fitting beautiful black and gold sequined strapless mini dress, with a pair of tiny gold sandals with ankle straps. I was so looking forward to having a nice quiet evening with my husband. A loud knock on the door startled me. My husband ran to answer the door. It was an extremely tall beautiful blonde woman who was now kissing my husband. He was happy to announce he arranged for us to have that fantasy we talked about, she could give us both what we wanted. Well at first I was in total shock, but after checking her out, I realized she was quite stunning. Just then he whispered in my ear "she has a huge cock for you my dear." I had heard about shemales, but never dreamed I would actually have sex with one and my husband together at the same time. She was dressed in a low cut button down white blouse and very tight short skirt, thigh high stockings and sexy sling back black pumps. After a few drinks and a little smoke I was ready to explore something new something so erotic.

Would you like to hear about our wild night of threesome fun, or would you like to come in and join us? I'm a very nasty little slut who has no taboos. You will enjoy my erotic sensual voice. Please be over 18 and have a valid credit or debit card when calling 1-866-935-7775 for the best phone sex kitten. I would certainly love to role-play your fantasy threesome.

November 8, 2007

Come Play with Both of Us...

I just had a very hot call! One of my favorite callers wanted to play with me and another girl in the company. So we called my friend Mary Beth, and she was to play my best friend's mom for our call. So the fantasy was that Mary Beth was going to teach me how to masturbate while her husband (my caller) watched.

So I am staying at my best friend's for the weekend but she fell asleep watching tv in the living room. I am in her room with the door closed, laying in the bed rubbing on my pussy through my soaked panties. My other hand is lightly pulling on my pink swollen nipples. Laying on my stomach is a vibrator I "borrowed" from my best friend's mom's lingerie drawer. I haven't used it yet, but am very excited about trying it.

Suddenly the door swings wide open and my best friend's mom, Mary Beth is standing at the door staring at me. I jump, trying to hide what I am doing, but with no luck, she has already seen everything. Her husband is standing behind her with a huge grin on his face, just staring at me and licking his lips.

She walks in, looking mildly amused and a little irritated at the same time. "I see you have been in my personal belongings Abby, you know it isn't nice to borrow other's belongings without asking?" She picks up the vibrator off of my stomach as she looks down at me. Her husband walks in and sits in the chair in the corner of my best friend's room still grinning.

She takes the vibrator and lightly trails it across the outside of my panties, turning it on and looking in to my eyes as she does so. Then she moves the vibrator up my tummy real slowly, tickling me as she moves it up to my right nipple. The tickling from the vibration sends shock waves through my pussy. She then takes the vibrator and puts it against my lips and in a firm voice tells me to open my mouth, she slides it in my mouth and tells me to suck it.

As I do what she says, I look over her shoulder at her husband, who has now pulled his cock out and is staring at me while he is jacking off.

She pulls the vibrator out of my mouth and moves it back down to my panties, this time pushing my panties aside and moving the tip of the vibrator up and down my wet pussy lips, slowly.....

Mary Beth was a blast to play with, she was naughty and nurturing and taught me all kinds of nasty things, want to hear more? Give me a call ~~(877) 469-0435

November 2, 2007

Kinky Mature Woman Seeks Man for Great Phone Sex Roleplay!

Attention all horny men! I’m Beverly the kinky mature woman you've been searching for. I’m sensual, sexy, hot and always horny, ready and willing to play with you. Call me to share your secret erotic fantasies - I'm that sexy MILF that you've always lusted after.

We can talk a little and get to know each other leading the conversation to lots of fantasy exploration or a naughty role play. Maybe you would like to try some light bondage, sissy boy training, or mutual masturbation is always fun for me! I just love everything oral, breast play, anal, exhibitionism fantasies, toys, dildos, strap-on play, foot fetish, smoking fetish and any other fetish you may have. I enjoy threesomes and even group action. I've got a bit of a lingerie fetish myself – I love wearing stockings, garters, corsets, frilly bras, panties and sexy baby doll nighties, I wear them all! So when you call be sure to ask what sexy thing I'm wearing today! Of course! I'm a highly skilled fantasy creator and enjoy all role playing including teacher/student, boss/secretary, nasty hot nurse, step-mommy and of course, naughty neighbor! Just ask and I will make your fantasies come true! Call me at 1-866-935-7775 for a phone sex experience you will never forget.

Serious inquiries only and please have your credit, debit or pre-paid visa card ready when you call me. I’m not here to play kid games. I’m here to rock your world.

Ciao for now,