October 21, 2007


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October 19, 2007

Just another day...?

It was a day like any other day in sunny Southern California ~ scintillating crystal blue skies, curvaceous billowy clouds and sparkling white-foamed surf lapping gently against the fleshy-colored sand just outside my huge window... How I longed to stay home and enjoy the decadent physical pleasures I so needed in this place heaven-designed setting. As I pulled out of my driveway and screamed my convertible into PCH's traffic I was quickly reminded of how insane my day would be. First a stop at Starbuck's where I'd have to show a little cleavage to that horny pimple-faced kid just to get my Latte right, then a stop-n-start and very frustrating commute ~ but I knew just what to do to 'get ahead' in this traffic ~ LOL insert my red-devil dildo strategically between my legs and gyrate, just a little, with that look of mounting ecstasy ~ the big guys in their Hummers and 4-bys always 'gave it' to me then... Mmmm... access that is! Giggle Just as I was licking my lips at that studly hunk in the black Beemer reality crashed in! He was beginning to slide it in so carefully, expertly and slowly ~ but it was not to be ~ just as he was spreading that tight-fitting enticing opening it closed tighter than a virgin and his pride 'n joy crumpled and went limp ~ that 'moments ago' gorgeous hunk of steel was rendered useless! Thank god it wasn't my tight little rosey baby ~ with her custom paint, huge price tag and tight lines!

Minutes later that pathetic-loser-guy 'forgotten' (after all I would never 'do' let alone be seen with a guy in a rental car!) I gripped my soft, talented hands over the leather straps one more time and slid expertly into my 'space' Paloma - VP Marketing... Everytime I saw that parking garage sign my smile beemed and I got all warm and tingly feeling ~ way down inside... Mmmmm! Who would it be today? Which horny swollen-cocked guy would peek my interest and grow my clit 'til I could resist no more??

OK, Paloma, stop day-dreaming I thought as I bent over ~ exposing my luscious butt-line barely caressed by my French-silk baby pink thong, straight into my Jag's open body ~ just in time to be seen by the Mark our new CEO... he stammered, "Uh oh good morning Paloma ~ uh er how are you and may I assist you in any way??" A throaty chuckle escaped as I pressed my bulging briefcase crammed full of the proposals and marketing plans I'd 'done' a week before deadline. I knew he'd be so very appreciative that I'd again given him a hand on his very hard job and that I would once again relieve him of his very heavy load!

Stepping off the mirrored private elevator minutes later, we broke our passionate 'afterglow' kiss ~ nearing the top floor - I quickly straightened Mark's Armani tie, feeling for his secure zipper and adjusted my tight Versace electric-blue dress ~ I couldn't help but giggle and clear a deep-throated swallow... Mmmm those scintillating crystal blue skies, curvaceous billowy clouds which came into view once again through the 'executive promenade' were so worth it ~ Oops, I had only a stolen moment to dash into the my luxurious corner office and taste the white foam escaping my sweet lips... Mmmmm... just the beginning of a perfect day in sunny California!

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October 15, 2007

Mature Phone Sex with Hot Milf Cindy

Hey guys I'm Cindy.. I'm feeling so horny today. My hot mature pussy is so wet and eager for you to take your cock and rub my clit with it. You would love to be cuddled and fucked by this hot older gal. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy lips sliding it up and down, flick that tongue all over my clit baby, ohhhh! You know how much I love that -- yeaaa further down... There you've you got it! Now go and lick my perfect asshole and stick your tongue in there Mmmm. Slide some fingers in that mature pussy and suck on my swollen clit, and make this hot milf cum baby. Suck my juices, taste me..I just love oral sex! Let me lick your balls and suck on them and get that cock nice and hard for you. I'll lick my way up to your cock head and I'll suck it into my mouth. Listen to me suck my dildo while you play with your cock at the other end of the phone.

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October 6, 2007

Honky Tonk Slut!!

Last night at work we had a new band come in. I love music almost as much as I love sexy hot men. So I am doing my usual bar tending and I see the new band come in to set up and there is this hot cowboy toting in equipment. I can feel my pussy getting wet just watching him from across the room.

By time they were all set up and ready to play I was damn near ready to cream my panties. I was glad that the tables near the band were full of people so I kept having a reason to run over there to check if they wanted more drinks when the waitress would get behind.

They started playing, and the hot guy I had been watching was the guitar player and backup singer. He was dancing while he was playing and he looked so damn sexy doing it, before long my pussy was on fire. I took a break and headed out on the dance floor in my skin tight short skirt and see-through tank top with no bra. He was at the very edge of the stage and I bent over in front of him and was wiggling my ass and before long he came down for a minute to grind against my ass and dance while they were singing.

I flirted with him the entire night, and I could see he was as turned on as I was based on that nice bulge in the front of his Levi's.

At the end of the night he had just finished loading all of the equipment back in the truck and was standing outside drinking a beer with his band and I walked over and grabbed his hand and told him and his friends that he was coming home with me tonight. We never made it out of the parking lot before my hand was pulling his cock out of his pants while I was trying to drive. I stroked it all the way home and as soon as I pulled up in the drive way I leaned over and sucked him off right there. We did finally make it in the house, and fucked 3 times before it was time for him to get to his morning job. Come to find out they will be playing at my bar again in 2 weeks, and I can guarantee you this cowboy is worth bringing home again!

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October 3, 2007

Call this bad girl and see why they call me Slutty Sarah!

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